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Transformative innovation

We make innovation an integral part of everyday business, using methods and technologies to develop a strategic implementation roadmap.


In recent years innovation and technology have become synonymous with transformation as companies accelerate the digitalization of processes and solutions.

After years of investing in various technologies, open innovation, and acceleration programs, companies are now consolidating their efforts, selecting strategic solutions, and turning innovation into an applied and integrated process for sustainable growth.

While most companies understand the importance of innovation, very few have succeeded in mainstreaming this process and transforming it into a structured, ongoing business that delivers real value.

In our work, we are often asked to help companies restructure their innovation practice not only in terms of investment but also to help them define a process for repeatedly assessing and evaluating the viability of specific emerging solutions. While we believe in linking innovation investment to overall strategy, we also look for ways to foster internal ownership, sponsorship, and integration so that experimentation can rapidly transition to industrialization, supported by a new inventive mindset.

With transformative technologies such as 3D and AI, we can better streamline processes, respond to specific organizational challenges, save time, and reduce overhead activities with a systemic approach.

Innovation strategy roadmap

AI and language technologies

Innovation models

3D and immersive technologies


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