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MEANWHILE, our newsletter

Traditionally used in storytelling as a transition technique that moves the story forward, revealing simultaneous events while the reader is focused on the main action, “meanwhile” is something more than an adverb of time. It’s a small device that opens up a parallel narrative line and leads us to slightly shift our gaze from what we were seeing and doing in the main scene of the story.  MEANWHILE is a newsletter that celebrates the derailment in other parallel lines, in order to grasp the signs of the present that surrounds us. 


With each edition of MEANWHILE, we encapsulate the time between the present and the past, offering a remarkable glimpse into the inner workings and external influences that shape MAIZE essence and propel it forward.

MEANWHILE is not a lengthy editorial email; rather, it is a vibrant constellation of short stories and diverse perspectives that beckon us to explore what surrounds us. 

Each edition of the newsletter revolves around a sweeping theme that serves as the connective thread, weaving together the array of captivating stories found within. These stories, all united by the common backdrop of the meanwhile, transport us to intriguing parallel narratives that unfold amidst the passing of time.

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