maize is H-FARM’s cultural factory for the evolution of people, both as individuals and collectives. We provide stories, perspectives and collaborative tools that help organizations become future-ready.

Our ecosystem includes a magazine exploring the intersection between technologies and humanities;
a think tank making sense of emerging trends and phenomena; a learning platform building digital literacy;
and a live experience to question established beliefs.

Culture & Society

When writing is a pain

The urge to say something which has never been said before.

by Alessandro Zaccuri

The Sistine Chapel in my living room

The relationship between technology, cultural heritage and the digitalization of museums.

a conversation with Anna Maria Marras

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Nazism and management

Perform at any cost the mission you have been given.

a conversation with Johann Chapoutot


Long Live the Huckleberry Party

A world without losers did exist and not that long ago.

a conversation with Scott Sandage

Culture & Society

The aesthetics of protest

A look at visual icons of the age of protests and how they have spread to other cultures

by Mattia Salvia

maize is a triannual magazine powered by H-FARM, an international hub for innovation, education and entrepreneurship, that explores the complexities of innovation and the shifting dichotomy between technology and evolution through the lens of philosophy, arts, and humanities.

Do we really have the chance to consciously choose in front of doubts and dilemmas? Our new issue focuses on the topic of Doubt: from the apathy and aboulomania that has struck CEOs’ business decisions, to the moral, philosophical and scientific dilemmas that we are facing in this moment of pandemic.

Culture & Society

Post-covid photography

How we have been forced to “re-see” the world to understand it again.

by Guido Van Nispen

Digital ethics

About digital and spirituality

Love the stranger within us and the strangers with whom we wander.

a conversation with Rabbi Irwin Kula

Art & Music

The evolution of music fruition

A reflection on how our relationship with sound is changing.

by Valentina Lunardi

This Week's maize obessions are

Art & Music &


Green activism

A responsible business grows thanks to corporate activism, not despite it.

by Gianluca Pandolfo


Virtual tripping

Altered states through psychedelics could be the tool humanity needs to prepare for a virtual reality future.

by Faye Bradley

Environment & Sustainability

Death to the jackals

Climate profiteers might seem to all belong to the same category of entrepreneurs, but not all are helping the green revolution.

by Alberto Tundo

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