maize is H-FARM’s cultural factory for the evolution of people, both as individuals and collectives. We provide stories, perspectives and collaborative tools that help organizations become future-ready. 

Our ecosystem includes a magazine exploring the intersection between technologies and humanities; a think tank making sense of emerging trends and phenomena; a learning platform building digital literacy; and a live experience to question established beliefs.

maize: stories, perspectives and collaborative tools

Musical wallpaper

As we become drenched in a deluge of information, we may be losing our ability to appreciate the nuances of epic music.

a conversation with Carlo Boccadoro


Dietary Darwinism

Today, as humans can put nearly anything on their plates with minimal effort, food has taken on a life of its own.

a conversation with Jonathan Silvertown

Culture & Society

Not your usual toy story

Only a handful of product stories are as interesting as the one behind the Tamagotchi.

by maize

Digital transformation

Designing knowledge

Behind Harvard University’s metaLAB—a ‘digital humanities’ idea foundry, knowledge-design lab, and production studio.

a conversation with Jeffrey Schnapp

Artificial Intelligence

Digital evolution

Artificial life seeks to simulate lifelike processes within computers, with the aim of discovering elemental characteristics of life itself.

by Vittorio Di Tomaso


Prepare for the unexpected

Although the Covid-19 situation was definitely unexpected, it has given us a lot to think about.

by Menny Barzilay


Reimagining learning

Covid-19 has created an opportunity for students of all ages to benefit from online classes. What does that mean for the future?

by Epi Ludvik

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Pivot power

Embracing a corporate culture of error, failure, and taking risks, can really pay off sometimes.

by Tomas Barazza

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maize is a triannual magazine powered by H-FARM, an international hub for innovation, education and entrepreneurship, that explores the complexities of innovation and the shifting dichotomy between technology and evolution through the lens of philosophy, arts, and humanities.

There are infinite ways to fail, and just as many to deal with it. But what is failure, really? And how can we excel at it? This issue of maize is a celebration of losers—what we call “seconds,” or “eternal lasts”—because they can be more likeable (and more successful) than winners. 

Digital contagion

Computer and biological viruses behave similarly: they hit where it hurts the most.

a conversation with Salvatore Vitale


The brain is ticking

There are various neural systems that allow for time keeping, and for our brains to make sense of time.

by Moran Cerf

Illustration by María Medem
Entrepreneurship & Leadership

How to become an altruistic leader

When it comes to leadership, a utopian approach is not the right path to follow. What is, then?

by Isaac Getz

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maize.LIVE was born to bring together the knowledge of tech gurus with corporate wisdom, thought leaders and executives in order to provide you with actionable insights, a meaningful understanding of business and the strategic implications of innovation.

Finding Utopias: unlocked conversations beyond a new normality

This year’s online edition of maize.LIVE revolves around three words: Time, Trust, and Happiness.

by maize

Innovation culture

Finding Utopias: Time

During the first day of maize.LIVE 2020, we explored the theme of time with Robert Wolcott, Michele Zanini, Tomas Barazza and Moran Cerf.

by maize

Innovation culture

Finding Utopias: Trust

During the second day of maize.LIVE 2020, we explored the theme of trust with Brian Solis, Richard Winder and Federica Cherubini.

by maize

Innovation culture

Finding Utopias: Happiness

During the third day of maize.LIVE 2020, we explored the theme of happiness with Robert Waldinger, Daniela Lucangeli, Evelyn Doyle and Nina Hajikhanian.

by maize

maize INSIGHTS is a strategic think-tank dedicated to discovering the latest human, cultural and industry trends.

Insights & Phenomena

The fall of beauty standards

In the last few years, the beauty industry has rebooted to serve a new generation that is hungry for authenticity and empowerment.

by Ryslaine Moulay

Innovation culture

Design for people’s emerging expectations

Design, build, and launch successful experiences, products, or services is ultimately about answering one simple question.

by maize

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maize.PLUS is a learning platform with personalized bite-sized content, designed to help managers, professionals, and teams to develop an innovation-driven mindset.

Artificial Intelligence

A brief history of AI

Many of us are already using artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. But do we know the history of AI?

by maize


From linear to circular economy

After 150 years, an economic paradigm based on “take-make-dispose” is no longer sustainable.

by maize

Future of work

Employee experience: people at the center

In a dynamic and unpredictable world, how does an organization find and keep talent?

by maize

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