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2024 State of Innovation, a lens on the intricate realm of corporate innovation

2024 State of Innovation is a research project involving 50+ leading European organizations, showcased in an event to unravel current myths about corporate innovation.

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FORMULA is MAIZE’s podcast that explores companies and how they are structured. Searching for similarities and differences, sources of innovation and stories of people.

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We provide knowledge, strategies, and software solutions to enhance businesses through the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.

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Exploring cultures and technologies to generate sustainable growth.


Generations Debate: the report, the stories, the event

Check out our inquiry into the world of work.

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The Intelligence Issue

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s mouth these days; and, most importantly, in everyone’s computer. It’s not “coming” — it’s here. But before the artificial mind takes the world by storm, we ought to take a step back. And ask ourselves: what is intelligence? How do we define it? Dictionaries agree on it being “the ability to learn, understand, and think in a logical way about things.” But is that sufficient to fully capture our thinking, the way we relate to one another, and the many kinds of intelligence that exist?


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