maize is H-FARM’s cultural factory for the evolution of people, both as individuals and collectives. We provide stories, perspectives and collaborative tools that help organizations become future-ready.

Our ecosystem includes a magazine exploring the intersection between technologies and humanities;
a think tank making sense of emerging trends and phenomena; a learning platform building digital literacy;
and a live experience to question established beliefs.

Trust as piece de resistance

What happens when a bank doesn’t put profit over principles?

by Richard Winder

Atlas 21°03′19″

On NFTs value, a way out to Zoom fatigue, and virtual concerts.

by maize


Post-pandemic: protect and bolster your brand

In a world that is changing, so must your strategy

by Howard Tullman

Environment & Sustainability

The cave down to the earth

The dilemma between endless human inventions and the responsibility of explaining how they should be treated to those who come after us.

by Giulia Pozzobon

Insights & Phenomena

A 15-minute city is better than a smart city

The ultimate urban design strategy attempting to provide residents with everything they need within 15 minutes of their homes.

by maize

Environment & Sustainability

How on earth did we get here?

Explorers and adventurers can bridge the gap between nature and our understanding of it.

by Alex Bellini

Culture & Society

Not your usual toy story

Only a handful of product stories are as interesting as the one behind the Tamagotchi.

by maize

Culture & Society

Cinematic mutation

No other art form has developed technically as much as cinema. But this transformation is also about our universal quest for meaning.

by Armando Trivellini

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maize is a triannual magazine powered by H-FARM, an international hub for innovation, education and entrepreneurship, that explores the complexities of innovation and the shifting dichotomy between technology and evolution through the lens of philosophy, arts, and humanities.

There are infinite ways to fail, and just as many to deal with it. But what is failure, really? And how can we excel at it? This issue of maize is a celebration of losers—what we call “seconds,” or “eternal lasts”—because they can be more likeable (and more successful) than winners. 

Harvesting misunderstanding

Every misunderstanding implies there is also an understanding. But what if understanding is only an illusion?

a conversation with Franco La Cecla

Artificial Intelligence

How to turn your body into a device

It’s clear that technology is expanding options for sexual experiences, but will it influence how we interact with and love others?

by Trudy Barber

All pictures in this article are by Clemens Ascher

Mostly plants, not too much

A philosophy about how to dine with reverence challenges us to go back to a place in time where food is sacred.

a conversation with Michael Pollan

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