maize is H-FARM’s cultural factory for the evolution of people, both as individuals and collectives. We provide stories, perspectives and collaborative tools that help organizations become future-ready. 

Our ecosystem includes a magazine exploring the intersection between technologies and humanities; a think tank making sense of emerging trends and phenomena; a learning platform building digital literacy; and a live experience to question established beliefs.

maize: stories, perspectives and collaborative tools
Innovation culture

Finding Utopias: unlocked conversations beyond a new normality

This year’s online edition of maize.LIVE, “Finding Utopias: unlocked conversations beyond a new normality,” revolves around three words: Time, Trust, and Happiness.</p...

by maize


Prepare for the unexpected

Although the Covid-19 situation was definitely unexpected, it has given us a lot to think about.

by Menny Barzilay

Culture & Society

Seeing unimaginable futures

How can we characterize our realities in a foundationless, limitless universe?

by Robert C. Wolcott

Digital ethics

Digital contagion

Computer and biological viruses, in certain ways, behave similarly: They hit where it hurts the most, moving stealthy until they get caught, gain...

by Philip Di Salvo


Manifesto for an after that was before

What will life after Covid-19 look like? Contemplations about ‘a new species of humans,’ which might be about to appear in the world.

by Leonardo Caffo

The rise of digitalism

The rise of digitalism is unstoppable. However, as citizens, we still stand a chance to build a just society, which supports human needs.

by Mark van Rijmenam

Future of work

Finding work’s “new normal”

Working from home puts a spotlight on what isn’t working, while creating space for innovative forms of collaboration. ...

by Maks Giordano

Digital transformation

The life and death of conspiracy theories

Consumers have the right to be worried about new technologies, and experts have an obligation to disperse these fears. ...

by Mischa Dohler

maize.LIVE was born to bring together the knowledge of tech gurus with corporate wisdom, thought leaders and executives in order to provide you with actionable insights, a meaningful understanding of business and the strategic implications of innovation.

Innovation culture

Finding Utopias: unlocked conversations beyond a new normality

This year’s online edition of maize.LIVE, “Finding Utopias: unlocked conversations beyond a new normality,” revolves around three words: Time, Trust, and Happiness.</p...

by maize

Organizational models

A brief history of organizations

A tongue-in-cheek look at how organizations became what they are today.

by maize

Artificial Intelligence

8 takeaways from the rise of Artificial Intelligence

An analysis of our debut event on AI, the technology that walks the fine line between a world of wonder and one of woe.

by maize

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maize is a quarterly magazine powered by H-FARM, an international hub for innovation, education and entrepreneurship, that explores the complexities of innovation and the shifting dichotomy between technology and evolution through the lens of philosophy, arts, and humanities.





In this exceptionally uncertain and challenging moment in history, we are more than ever urged, if not compelled at all, to change: We have to prove to ourselves, and to the planet on which we live, that we can evolve—at the right time, and in the right direction. But what is evolution? How did we get here, and how do we get from here?

Brave new work

Aaron Dignan helps companies navigate the unchartered territory of the workplace of the future, advocating for open information.

by Francesco Salonia

Future of work

The currency of time

In principle, technology should allow us to work less, but in fact, we are working more.

by Leonardo Caffo


Beyond meat

Soon, natural resources will not be enough to feed us. Here’s how synthetic biology could help.

by Sridhar Iyengar

Environment & Sustainability

Two minutes to midnight

The methane once trapped into tundra ice is evaporating. Rainfalls, flooding and hurricanes are increasing. Will we survive?

by Carlo Carraro

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maize.PLUS is a learning platform with personalized bite-sized content, designed to help managers, professionals, and teams to develop an innovation-driven mindset.

Corporate learning

A brief history of corporate learning

If we want to shape the future of corporate learning, we have to know where it comes from first.

by maize


Optimize meetings: let’s start with the basics

We’ve all thought at least once in our lifetime: “Did we really need a meeting for that?”

by maize

Future of work

Employee experience: people at the center

In a dynamic and unpredictable world, how does an organization find and keep talent?

by maize

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maize INSIGHTS is a strategic think-tank dedicated to discovering the latest human, cultural and industry trends.

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Insights & Phenomena

(Human) trends

Collecting bigger/better/faster data allows businesses to uncover previously inaccessible insights about customers’ behaviors.

by Valentina Lunardi

Innovation culture

Trends: design for people’s emerging expectations

Design, build, and launch successful experiences, products, or services is ultimately about answering one simple question.

by maize

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