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3D digitization Journey with Hugo Boss Footwear and Arsutoria School

Transformative innovation


Hugo Boss



To assist Hugo Boss in creating a digital library of 60 carry-over shoes through 3D technology, with iCAD3D as the primary software solution.


A collaboration with Arsutoria School that engages students in acquiring and applying knowledge and processes characteristic of a large company like Hugo Boss. For the brand, the collaboration focus was on the creation of a digital library, aiming to expedite the development of new models and connect with emerging talents concluding their studies.


60 products have been digitally transformed to integrate them into forthcoming collections, thereby streamlining and enhancing the sustainability of the product development process.

In recent years, Hugo Boss has embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey to become a full-fledged fashion-tech company. This transformation involves the incorporation of various digital technologies and solutions, including the integration of 3D technology at multiple stages of product development and presentation.


Specifically, the footwear team has recently made a significant investment in digitalization, spanning the entire product development process from concept to realization. Footwear production, with its intricate components and high engineering demands, once made the idea of creating a whole shoe in 3D seem like a distant dream. However, today, with meticulous strategic planning and the availability of suitable tools, it has become possible to revolutionize work processes and fully embrace 3D technology in all phases of production.


In this transformative journey, we are supporting the footwear team through a change management path. Together with the brand we are designing a new process that places at the center the digital product in order to capitalize on all the benefits provided by the 3D technology and we are creating dedicated training programs to continuously develop the competences of the team in order to be autonomous on digitizing shoes.  


Notably, for the digitalization of carry-over footwear, we have partnered with the specialized institution Arsutoria School, which has a rich history in shoe and bag design and production dating back to 1947. The primary goal of this collaboration is to directly involve students in the digitization process, enabling them to gain hands-on experience by working closely with MAIZE and Hugo Boss.


During this collaboration, a total of 60 footwear products have undergone digital transformation. Guided by mentors from MAIZE and Hugo Boss as well as instructors from Arsutoria School, students traced style lines on digital shoe forms and created 3D models based on these lines. In cases where digital sole designs were unavailable, students also played a role in creating them. Ultimately, digital images were generated to visualize the finished products.

The development process followed a well-structured methodology commonly used in such projects. Initially, materials provided by Hugo Boss were cataloged and organized using dedicated tracking tools. Collaborating with students, work was organized based on geometry types and software tools, taking into account the specific style of the footwear and brand. Each geometry was carefully assessed and refined in collaboration with Hugo Boss’s 3D team, much like a standard prototype meeting during collection development. Feedback was collected to incorporate necessary adjustments before finalizing the model. Finally, with the support of MAIZE, renderings were created to visualize the product in its final form.


These digital models mark a pivotal step in the ongoing digital transformation process in partnership with Hugo Boss. In future production cycles, carry-over products will be developed and evaluated exclusively in digital format, yielding substantial benefits. This approach will streamline the product development process, reduce the need for physical prototypes, and result in cost savings and environmental benefits.

Innovation excerpt

Due to Hugo Boss’s dedication to evolving into a fashion-tech company and the partnership between MAIZE and Arsutoria School, this project has yielded positive outcomes on multiple fronts. Foremost, it has made a substantial impact in education, granting students the chance to engage in an authentic digital product development process, backed by the support of all collaborating partners. Additionally, the project has showcased its worth in the sustainability arena. The continuous investment in 3D technology has significantly contributed to reducing the environmental footprint linked to physical prototyping, all while concurrently enhancing the efficiency of product development processes.


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