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Our ESG manifesto

At MAIZE, we believe innovation should be sustainable, by default. We see sustainable innovation as a systemic challenge that requires systemic changes. We approach all projects thinking about the impact on people, organizations, societies and the environment in relation to each other that we address with our broad spectrum of competencies and our ambitions for sustainable innovation at heart.


We help our clients in unveiling new opportunities by improving products, services, businesses and organizational structures with an SDG mindset and we use Strategic Design to unveil unknown patterns, behaviours, motivations, systems, and connections that aren’t obvious at first glance. Diversity is a driver for innovation and beyond rising DEI requirements we understand to leverage and bring together a variety of perspectives through intense collaboration.



Companies find several challenges implementing ESG strategies. These could be the contrast to some elements of the core business, a corporate culture not ready for change, salesforce, and stakeholders who may have needs that conflict with ESG objectives. We support leaders in identifying those challenges and envision ways to turning them into opportunities for sustainable growth.



We deliver core business strategies while producing enhanced environmental and socioeconomic benefits on four impact dimensions: Inside the organization and externally, on people and on product services, experiences and systems. Hence, we operate around four ESG areas:

  • How to build circular value (for product, service, ventures);
  • How to engage communities on ESG effort;
  • How to build a more inclusive organization;
  • How to make operations more responsible.



We stand for sustainable innovation by design, which is reflected in our regenerative business model canvas, people-centric methodologies, and our transversal competences from AI, 3D Tech, Service, Content and Organizational Design. Our systemic approach counts also on synergies based on a solid network of trusted partners. We also built over the years a network of experts with whom we embrace complexity and deliver ambitious and integrated projects around ESG and DEI opportunities.

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