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a strategic design company, converging thought with action and creativity with data. Exploring cultures and technologies to generate sustainable growth.

We use strategic design to:

Infuse strategic thinking in all projects and disciplines.

Impact overall innovation processes.

Collaboratively orchestrate a variety of disciplines.

Respond to the complexity of changing societies and economic scenarios.

Identify internal and external innovation opportunities.

We explore cultures to:

Capture emerging phenomena that are currently impacting society.

Bring new perspectives from other contexts, systems, and companies.

Understand deep values and motivations that drive human behavior.

Build inclusive solutions considering people and the environment they are part of.

We use technologies to:

Identify and implement new transformative solutions.

Experiment, build POCs, and quickly prototype novel solutions.

Make informed decisions supported by data, facts and real-life scenarios.

Optimize processes and deliver tangible result.

We enable sustainable growth by:

Challenging and re-imagining current businesses, products and services.

Structuring innovation models and practices.

Implementing new ways of working to support emerging lifestyles and organizational change.

Incorporating our solutions and strategies into larger systems and networks.


At MAIZE, we work with companies and leaders who understand transformation is an orchestration of complexity that requires a systemic approach, flexibility, and lots of courage. We have done this over the years using collective intelligence and cross-industry expertise.

Our clients are mostly large, established companies who are facing innovation challenges.

We structured our approach over the years, evolving traditional consulting expertise and technological know-how, and created our own multidisciplinary, design-oriented, people-centric practice involving skills from various disciplines.

We are MAIZE

We believe that innovation is not just about technology but about people understanding the potential technology has to positively impact their lives and their businesses.

H-FARM Innovation was born back in the days when H-FARM itself was a local accelerator, contributing to its gradual growth and evolution. We were here as a startup when the most innovative campus in Europe was still a small project, and we grew our consulting practice to become an international player in the innovation ecosystem and a dominant part of H-FARM’s overall expansion.

We rapidly consolidated our work, merging our startup heritage with new skills, passions, and visions into an innovation consultancy offering solutions at the intersection of business, strategy, design, technology, and culture.

Over the years, we evolved into H-FARM INNOVATION, a true all-around partner for innovation strategy for some of the leading brands in Italy and Europe.

In 2017, as part of H-FARM INNOVATION, we launched MAIZE. This cultural editorial project disseminates thoughts, opinions, and lively debates on technology, innovation, and society.

2022 was a major milestone and turning point for H-FARM Innovation, as Jakala finalized our acquisition and opened up a whole new range of growth opportunities. Supported by Jakala, we adopted the name MAIZE and used it to further strengthen our identity and positioning as an innovative strategic design company.


To H-FARM, we owe our heritage, our entrepreneurial attitude, and our risk-taking approach.

To H-FARM INNOVATION, we owe our inventiveness, skills, excellence, and courage to experiment and play, not only with technology but also with our own progressive organizational model.

To JAKALA, we owe new expertise, countless opportunities, and horizons to grow into.

And to MAIZE, we owe our future and our ability to look beyond what’s possible as we finally become the image of what we’ve always wanted to be.

Our business is innovation and transformation, and our focus is, first and foremost, on ourselves as we strive to become the model we preach. We invest in innovation, technology, and learning, and are constantly seeking the organizational bliss that inspires the people we want to have with us.

Call us consultants, designers, technologists, or an agency; the truth is that today more than ever, we know that innovation and transformation defy a single definition, let alone organizational function. That is why we value diversity, heterogenous teams, a systemic approach, and a constant search for excellence.

Today, innovation is more than simply reinventing a business model. We believe it’s about changing the paradigms of how we live and how we do business; it’s about creating a new structure of values and a sense of purpose, because innovation without a scope and real impact is merely a project.


JAKALA, an Italian MarTech leader in Europe, helps its clients unlock their business potential by leveraging data, advanced analytics & artificial intelligence, technology, content, and experience design.


Founded in 2000, JAKALA was the first company in Italy to integrate marketing and technology. Thanks to data, JAKALA also helps clients transform successful loyalty programs into more innovative and technological ecosystems, to retain high-value customers and deliver a more personalized experience. 


The company has an international presence with offices in 15 countries (New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, London, and Milan).




The seeds of H-FARM innovation were planted when the first startups were created. Over time, these startups merged and evolved into what H-FARM is today. Back then, passions turned into real businesses in a digital landscape still in its early experimental stages. The initial interactive and social dynamics gave rise to new forms of content, such as the WhaiWhai experience, which used gaming as a tool for engagement and interaction. This provided the first pathways for individuals to hone their digital skills.



After our first experimental years, we consolidated a precise trajectory, helping companies enhance and transform their culture and organization to foster innovation. Training, internal communication, and change management were the most talked about topics, but market demand quickly expanded to encompass additional areas.

Son, design thinking, innovation pathways, and business evolution were integrated with issues related to internal culture. Projects adopted a comprehensive approach, capable of considering the company system as a whole, including the business, people, and customers.



H-FARM Innovation launched MAIZE, “Tech Food for Thought” as the claim quoted at the time. It was a publishing project aimed at connecting the international network and involving it in developing a more complex way of thinking, somewhere between the technological and the philosophical. It took shape as a digital magazine, a printed bi-annual monographic issue, and an event.



A unified team that had matured and grown since 2007 was now consolidated, bringing with it all its experience on digital transformation issues. Processes and creativity, thought and action were on the same plane. The approach no longer looked only at business, people, and customers but at the whole ecosystem of innovation, placing much more emphasis on the context in which we live, maturing an ESG mindset.
CELI joined the team, reinforcing our quantitative approach. Business, Design, Culture, Technology, and Strategy became the areas of expertise that intertwined all our projects.



Jakala acquired H-FARM Innovation. A great opportunity for growth and the ultimate accomplishment after a journey that has led to consolidating experience, expertise, services, and strong partnerships with Italian and international clients.



H-FARM Innovation becomes MAIZE, focusing all its energy on strategic design and continuing its growth together with Jakala.


An operating system is a set of principles, processes, and capabilities that make an organization work.



From all around the world


Communities that pool our expertise

Business & Strategy, Service Design, Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Content, Visual & Interaction, Media Factory, 3D and Real Time, and Trend Research.


Average age

The youngest was born in 2000.


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