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Special projects

Explore our curated collection of unique initiatives aimed at uncovering various aspects of our rapidly evolving world. Within these projects, you’ll discover a diverse range of research, reports, and podcast series delving into the intricate fabric of contemporary society. From discussions on corporate structures and innovation to intimate reflections on navigating unprecedented challenges, each of these special projects offers a distinct lens through which to view our changing landscape.


2024 State of Innovation

The 2024 State of Innovation offers an insightful examination of the complex landscape of corporate innovation. It draws upon extensive research encompassing more than 50 prominent European organizations and two strategic partners, Bloom Partners and Made by Many.


Generations Debate

Generations Debate is a research project comprising a compilation of narratives spanning four distinct generations and an event centered around the perception of work. It combines both quantitative and qualitative data to present a multifaceted overview, just like a debate, where there is no right or wrong position. Generations Debate offers a current snapshot of the intricate dynamics between different generations within the workforce.


Formula, our podcast about organizations

FORMULA is our podcast where we dive into how companies work. We’re on a mission to find out what makes them similar or different, where they get their innovative ideas from, and we’ll share some interesting stories about the people involved along the way.



During a period marked by the relentless progression of the Coronavirus, which isolated and stunned us, Afterwords worked as a collection of personal reflections, thoughts, and ideas from people all over the world. A collaboration between MAIZE and Twin Global, with support from H-FARM, it offered a close-up look at navigating our next moves in a world that’s changed from what we knew before.



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