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Quality Policy:

MAIZE prioritizes customer satisfaction through the quality of services provided and employee satisfaction through continuous efforts to create a participatory work environment.


MAIZE implements a Quality Management System (QMS) consistent with ISO 9001:2015.


In this regard, MAIZE commits to achieving the following objectives:


  • Improve service delivery through a constant focus on customer needs and monitoring of satisfaction levels.


  • Ensure an approach oriented towards problem prevention, continuous process improvement, and full engagement of internal and external resources collaborating with MAIZE.


  • Pursue continuous innovation of know-how.


  • Identify potential incidents that may threaten the continuity of the business.


  • Provide a structure capable of organizing a response to interruptions in core business processes, reducing risks related to business continuity on the management, administrative, and legal levels.


To achieve these objectives, the MAIZE management commits to identifying the most suitable internal and external resources.


The QMS, compliant with ISO 9001:2015, aims to stabilize and increase the positive influence of these factors, with the following objectives:


  • Maintain and enhance customer satisfaction.


  • Ensure increasing levels of quality and continuous performance improvement.


  • Foster a prevention-oriented approach to problems and continuous process improvement.


  • Carefully manage any non-conformities, reports, and complaints.


  • Monitor the quality management system through internal inspection checks.


  • Continuously improve the quality management system.


  • Provide the necessary resources (personnel and infrastructure) for the proper execution of activities.


  • Harness the skills, energy, and motivation of MAIZE personnel around a quality management approach that also yields tangible professional benefits.


  • Procure goods and services from qualified suppliers and collaborators.


  • Obtain certification for the QMS.


  • Ensure continuous and constant control and monitoring of the context, stakeholders, risks, and opportunities related to its processes.


The Policy and QMS are periodically reviewed by the management.


The management commits to providing full support for the management and continuous improvement of quality by complying with mandatory requirements, defining and controlling the achievement of corporate objectives, and organizing and managing activities and resources.


All organizational levels are equally involved, motivated, and held responsible for complying with QMS requirements and achieving planned quality levels.


This means not only responding promptly to malfunctions, complaints, and non-conformities reported to MAIZE by customers and other external actors but also proactively addressing situations that MAIZE personnel identify as non-conforming to the QMS, even in the absence of external reports.


Torino, 20/07/2022


Information Systems Security Policy:

The Information Systems Security Policy is based on 10 general principles and contributes to:


  • Ensuring satisfaction with applicable and relevant information systems security requirements.


  • Ensuring business continuity.


  • Preventing the loss of sensitive information.


  • Strengthening the trust of actors operating with MAIZE local unit TO1 (hereinafter MAIZE TO1) in its procedures.


  • Committing to the continuous improvement of the Information Systems Security Management System.


The 10 Principles are as follows:


  • When the control of its information systems requires it, MAIZE TO1 relies on trusted operators and service providers.


  • The entire Information System of MAIZE TO1 must undergo a risk analysis that allows for proactive consideration of its security, adapted to the needs of the specific system. This analysis is part of a continuous security improvement process developed throughout the system’s lifecycle. This approach should also enable the accurate mapping of active information systems.


  • Human and financial resources allocated to the security of MAIZE TO1‘s information systems must be planned, quantified, and identified within the overall resources of the information systems.


  • Reliable authentication tools for MAIZE TO1 employees and collaborators must be implemented on the information systems.


  • The management and administration operations of MAIZE TO1‘s information systems must be monitored and controlled.


  • The protection of information systems must be guaranteed through the rigorous application of precise rules.


  • Every employee and collaborator of MAIZE TO1, as a user of an information system, must be informed of their rights and responsibilities, as well as trained and sensitized to cybersecurity and physical security. The technical measures implemented by MAIZE TO1 in this field must be known to all.


  • Information system administrators must apply the basic rules of good IT practices after adequate training.


  • The needs for products and services aimed at ensuring the security of MAIZE TO1‘s information systems must be formulated by the Information Security System Manager (ISSM) with support from the ICT and Security functions, which will ensure an evaluation of the product/service and its level of security.


  • The information of each Operating Area is considered sensitive due to its confidentiality, integrity, or availability requirements, and it is hosted on secure servers of MAIZE TO1 and protected in physical spaces and secure areas.


These principles translate into the development of specific objectives applicable to our entire organization and involving our stakeholders.

Notification of a security incident (or alleged security incident) should be forwarded by e-mail to .

Torino, 19/10/2022


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