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This is the place for what interests and motivates us: our thoughts, insights, and perspectives, as well as those of the people who inspire us. Here you will discover theoretical and philosophical concepts, authentic stories about society, culture, and the future that lies ahead. The MAIZE cultural factory is a diverse, freeing, and creative space.

Our FIELDS of study

Humanities Studies Intelligence

Intelligence, rationality, and decision-making limits

Surprisingly little of our brain has to do with logic, whether we make baffling or brilliant decisions. But we can learn to govern it better

by Tomas Barazza

The Intelligence Issue

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s mouth these days; and, most importantly, in everyone’s computer. It’s not “coming” — it’s here. But before the artificial mind takes the world by storm, we ought to take a step back. And ask ourselves: what is intelligence? How do we define it? Dictionaries agree on it being “the ability to learn, understand, and think in a logical way about things.” But is that sufficient to fully capture our thinking, the way we relate to one another, and the many kinds of intelligence that exist?


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