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Beyond the future, there is futurability

Marina Silvello

Content Designer

Organization and culture


Our new payoff reflects our commitment to actively shape and construct future trajectories

In a world balancing on the brink of uncertainty and instability, the term “future” appears to have lost its sparkle and significance. Nowadays, it’s a word that stimulates contemplation and reflection, as we recognize the need for adaptation in the face of evolving signals. Some could say that the future is the least promising place we’re heading to, not exactly the most uplifting thought, right?


Yet, we can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that when dreams take unexpected turns, the once-promised future improvement may lose its shine and need a fresh perspective. Today, the assurance of an infinite future holding the results of our work has somewhat lost its plausibility.


The system we live under is very much hinged upon suspending the possibility of imagining other ways of living, working, creating, and so on. Indeed there’s nothing absurd in saying that the contemporary dominant way of conceiving “the future” is pre-emptively subjugated by a form of engendered determinism that imposes the current system (and its own fiascoes) as the only possible one. 


This is why this should become the first terrain we have to reclaim, the first step we have to take to reconfigure a resistant imaginary.


In these times of uncertainty, asserting our right to imagine future possibilities, choices, alternatives, and potentialities becomes not just a desire but a necessity. Our ability to shape and envision alternatives is the cornerstone of navigating the unknown with resilience and adaptability. In embracing this mindset, we dismantle the preconceived notions that confine us to a singular path, opening doors to a myriad of potential futures waiting to be explored and shaped.


In this current context, where we feel stuck in a present reproducing itself without leading to any conceivable future or potential way out, a question arises:

How does this profound paradigm shift affect an organization like ours, a strategic design company tasked with structuring innovation practices to envision new models for future scenarios?


Perhaps the space for a mutinous alternative is not to be found in some faraway future, but right here and now. By crafting a narrative that transcends the deterministic grip of the current system, we can lay the foundation for envisioning and embracing alternative, more hopeful tomorrows.


In the face of a world where the future seems to have lost its luster, this revelation becomes a rallying cry, a call to action in the present moment. It signals not just an acknowledgment of the challenges surrounding the concept of the future, but a bold recognition that the transformative power to redefine and reclaim it lies within our grasp today. It’s an invitation to transcend the impotence that often accompanies our thoughts of an uncertain future and step into an era of potency.


As the word “future” struggles to convey much these days, we delved into finding a word less overused, one that carries meanings we cherish, particularly in the realm of innovation. This is why we prefer the term “futurability” over “future”.  “Futurability” encapsulates a viewpoint in which we consider how the future environment should be, and from there examine the contemporary to find what actions we can undertake in the present moment.

“Futurability” allows us to cast aside the passive anticipation of a predetermined future and embrace an active role in shaping the trajectory of time.

It embodies the idea that the future is not an inevitability but a malleable canvas awaiting the strokes of our creativity and innovation. This term invites us to scrutinize the contemporary landscape, extracting insights and understanding, and empowering us to discern the necessary actions that should be undertaken in the present moment. In essence, “futurability” is not a distant prospect but a stirring appeal for the here and now—a request to become architects of the future by influencing the present.


Exploring “futurability” went beyond mere semantics for us; it became a mirror reflecting our essence. Recognizing its power to transform our perspective on the future, we thought this word could serve as a true reminder of the heart of what we represent, and this is why the choice to adopt it as part of our payoff felt like a natural progression.


Designing Futurabilities is MAIZE’s new payoff and embodies our commitment to not succumb to a predetermined, bleak future but to actively shape and construct the trajectories toward which it could evolve. It signifies our capacity not only to imagine but also to mold the future actively. 


In the word “DESIGNING” lies our ability to design solutions, processes, and approaches that tackle complex challenges. We employ strategic design in all our projects to breathe life into innovation processes, foster collaboration across diverse disciplines, and flexibly respond to the changes in the surrounding society.


The term FUTURABILITIES” is an invitation to consider the future as an opportunity for growth, development, and innovation. In this context, our role is to lead and build, alongside our clients, paths towards possible and desirable scenarios. This word, encapsulating both “future” and “abilities”, emphasizes the idea of an open future that demands action and engagement. Our approach enables us to anticipate potential market and societal evolutions, making us “future-proof” and capable of forging new paths in dialogue with our clients. 


Designing Futurabilities is the joy of being us and the maturity and responsibility of choosing who we are. Always in search of a unique perspective, accustomed (albeit with a bit of healthy fear) to constant change, anchored in our identity.


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