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STIGA, a 3D virtual experience and an ambassador program to launch a new product

Transformative innovation





Create an innovative product launch experience to engage, educate, and test the opinion of the European sales force, in order to gather useful feedback for product development.


A “phygital” experience consisting of a dedicated website to discover the new robot’s features, followed by the chance to test the new product in physical form.


13 animated renders, 146 ambassadors involved, and 36 surveys collecting feedback from an audience of experts in order to refine the product launch on the mass market. A positive experience that will be repeated for the next product launches.

An innovative way to present a product to your sales force

Stiga asked for our help for the launch of its latest robotic lawnmower STIGA-Stig in its European sales network. To meet the needs of the customer we involved them in a workshop to identify the most suitable launch strategy for their needs, eventually designing a “phygital” experience that mixes digital and real elements.

Immersive storytelling in 3D format for hype and engagement

The 14 European countries involved in this launch initiative have chosen a series of “Ambassadors” within their sales network, who have been invited to access an exclusive website, created specifically to illustrate the features of STIGA-Stig.

To design the product story, we started with the most innovative features of the product, using 3D technology.


First, we reconstructed the 3D model of STIGA-Stig in all its details with particular attention to the rendering of materials. We animated it in order to create videos and images that show all the functions and the most innovative features.


The result was a website that, with an immersive and engaging fancy-scrolling navigation, was able to tell and highlight all aspects of the product that without the 3D model would have been impossible to describe.


The know-how of 146 experts to improve the prototype

Meanwhile, ambassadors were given a prototype of the robot to test, and for three consecutive weeks they also received a newsletter containing tips and tricks and a survey.


Thanks to the obtained results, Stiga had the opportunity to improve the prototype before mass production. Through the project, the company also had the opportunity to experiment with a new form of “Ambassador program”.


Innovation excerpt

A brand new product with many technical features combined with our team’s ability to tell and visualise them in an engaging way created a complete digital experience for distributors who became an active part of the product test.


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