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Ventures, products, and services

We help companies design new business models and opportunities, building initiatives, new products and services with an end-to-end approach.


Today’s organizations must be nimble, adaptable, and visionary to compete against commoditization, startups, and new entrants, achieve new targets, and meet consumer expectations.

By leveraging each organization’s uniqueness, we define the best strategies and approaches to challenge and reimagine current business models, propositions, and processes, to establish a lasting competitive advantage.

This can take many forms: from creating new ventures to quickly seize market opportunities, to establishing partnerships and building participatory channels, to exploring innovation internally and externally.

Together with our clients, we strive to create product-service ecosystems tailored to the needs of different user groups and stakeholders that people will remember and love.

With a human-centered and systemic perspective, we cover the full spectrum of activities, from analyzing people’s behavior and its broader context, to testing work-in-progress concepts that can be later taken to market and integrated into business processes. Our aim is to help organizations rapidly identify, experiment with, and scale innovative solutions within and beyond their core businesses.

By rethinking systems through the lens of consumers and organizations, the market, and the planet, companies can make a positive impact, stay ahead of the curve, and remain relevant in uncertain times.

Venture building

Service and product design

Process optimization and redesign

Open innovation

Digital products


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