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Relations & Society

Reflecting upon the Afterwords journey

The maize team reflects on Afterwords' six-week journey and the themes addressed as various phases of this crisis unfolded.


Relations & Society

A light that never goes out

Chris Chavez is a yoga teacher and co-owner of Cihangir Yoga in Istanbul, Turkey, he reflects on our connection to inner truth.

by Chris Chavez

Relations & Society

Building a future by being fully present

Chief marketing officer of Clementoni and father, Enrico Santarelli, reflects on the impact lockdown has had on family dynamics.

by Enrico Santarelli


Waiting for the future to happen

Martin invites us to be proactive creators of the future desinging it based on the questions that must be asked and faced in advance.

by Martin Wezowski

Relations & Society

Why we need restaurants

Tommaso Mellili reflects upon restaurants as the last space that modern loneliness hasn't conquered yet and its role as a ritual.

by Tommaso Melilli

Relations & Society

Uncanny mediated surrogates

Franco La Cecla discusses the meaning of virtual connections through technological tools and our need for surrogate images.

by Franco La Cecla

Humanities Studies

Innovate our inner technology

Sujith Ravindran is the founder of The BEING at Full Potential movement, he sees the lockdown as the perfect “being” time.

by Sujith Ravindran

Relations & Society

Plowing the fields of our community

Matteo reflects upon the sense and meaning of words and the importance of acknowledging micro moments, which compose our lives.

by Matteo Scanni

Relations & Society

Human principles of existence

Thami shares hopeful thoughts about the economy of care and how solidarity can help humanity get back to its principles of existence.

by Thami Schweichler

Relations & Society

Turn sacrifice into a meaningful change

Mauro Porcini, chief design officer at PepsiCo, talks about the value of time and the opportunity to reinvest in meaningful actions.

by Mauro Porcini

Relations & Society

Acheiving unity through social equity

Chico Tillmon discusses the importance of giving individuals and marginalized communities equal opportunities.

by Chico Tillmon

Relations & Society

Remote teaching and emotional engagement

Simona Malpezzi is an Italian senator and school teacher. She shares lessons from distant learning and the importance of technology.

by Simona Malpezzi


No more leaps of faith into the infinite

Irwin Kula is a rabbi, author, and president of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, he reflects on faith.

by Rabbi Irwin Kula

Relations & Society

Strength and vulnerability: Being me

Jane Andrews is Head of the Primary Years Program at H-International School Treviso. She discusses leadership and human connection.

by Jane Andrews

Humanities Studies

What we are telling ourselves

A product design expert and professor reflects on how our reaction to Covid-19 might influence future design approaches.

by Lorraine Justice

Relations & Society

Never again without

A sociologist and founder of Codici, a center for research and social change, explores an individuals' process of eliminating unessentials.

by Stefano Laffi

Relations & Society

The human challenge of social distancing

Anna Catalano shares how halting from a jet set life increased her appreciation for connections with colleagues and friends.

by Anna Catalano

Humanities Studies

Inside a vulnerable network

An artist, hacktivist, and theorist explores an interconnected network, which exists not only in cyberspace, but also among humans.

by Paolo Cirio


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