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It’s about time

FALL 2019

In this issue of maize, we look at seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years from every angle, from history to social norms to arts and science, and even how plants perceive moments. Through compelling storytelling and visuals, we invite you to explore time, and all of its incarnations, with us.

Relations & Society Time

Why do we procrastinate?

Dr. Tim Pychyl takes us into the quicksand of wasting time and why we do it, instead of facing what really needs to get done.

by Riccardo Coluccini

About the magazine

This is the magazine published by MAIZE. It explores contemporary themes across multiple domains, from technology to the humanities, in search of cues for possible futures. We like to refer to this intricate, varicolored scenery as the manyworld.
Each issue of MAIZE is an aesthetic monograph that examines a central topic through compelling interviews, reports, short stories, personal essays, visuals, and more.
This magazine is for those who love open discussions, philosophical ideas, and unconventional thoughts; but also for those eager to discover new ways to develop foresight, be inspired, make informed decisions, and participate in the innovation process — all while staying human.


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