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Angelini Pharma’s ‘Digital Contagious’ project wins first place in ‘Corporate Team Engagement’ at 2024 AboutPharma Digital Awards

17 May 2024

The training project dedicated to innovation and new digital technologies, which Angelini Pharma has been running for three editions with our support, won first place in the 'Corporate Team Engagement' category of the premiere for the second consecutive year.


Since 2022, we have been collaborating with Angelini Pharma to create ‘Digital Contagious’, an engaging review of training events dedicated to all the Company employees, focusing on the most cutting-edge innovations in digital technology, and featuring leading international speakers and startups.


The main goal of the educational program — carefully curated by our team year after year to increase Angelini Pharma employees’ engagement and participation is to cultivate an innovative mindset and inspire new digital-based initiatives within the Company.


We are very proud to have once again earned the prestigious AboutPharma Digital Awards in the ‘Corporate Team Engagement’ category, as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between our team and Angelini Pharma’s.

AboutPharma Digital Awards

The AboutPharma Digital Awards are a prestigious Italian recognition that honors digital innovation in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. They celebrate the most advanced projects utilizing digital technologies to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the health sector.


Each year, the award attracts participants from pharmaceutical companies, startups, healthcare institutions, and universities, providing a platform to highlight the best practices and most promising ideas in the field of digital health.


Congratulations to Angelini Pharma!

Last night in Milan, the Angelini Pharma team collected several remarkable recognitions:


🥇 Best Digital Company


🥈 Best Social Company


🙌 Winner in ‘Engagement of the Corporate Team’ with ‘Digital Contagious’, the project realized with our support


🙌 Winner in the ‘Best Project for Stakeholders Communication’ with #StoBeneGrazie


We are truly happy to be a partner for Angelini Pharma in this amazing, ongoing journey of ‘Digital Contagious’, and we hope for better and better results with the editions to come!



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