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Cultural Factory

FORMULA, our podcast about organizations


At MAIZE, we believe that organizations are ecosystems: there are no two alike, but there are elements that, when combined, produce a different and unique result every time. FORMULA is MAIZE’s podcast that explores companies and how they are structured. Searching for similarities and differences, sources of innovation and stories of people.

Episode 01

The Flowing Enterprise


Loccioni is a company focused on the design of measurement and control systems, integrating measurement with other disciplines such as robotics and data analysis. Loccioni, while keeping its roots strong, made us breathe a culture steeped in entrepreneurial spirit and action, where the organizational model is flexible, horizontal, distributed and constantly changing.

Episode 02

The company that fits


Best known for its hand-embroidered T-shirts, MELIDÉ is a women-owned business with a commitment to sustainability, ethical production, and a flat organizational structure. With a focus on artisanal quality and timeless design, MELIDÉ maintains a close, value-driven relationship with its customers and challenges traditional business models by fostering a work environment that harmoniously integrates life and work.


This first edition of Formula is produced in Italian. New episodes in English will also be coming.


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