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Bulgari, using chatbot to transform onboarding program into a visual and narrative experience

Organization and culture





Redesign the existing onboarding process to create a unique and consistent experience for all new employees regardless of their geographical location or specific function.


A multi-language, multi-device custom platform that offers a mentored journey to all newcomers as well as to existing employees who wish to refresh their knowledge about the brand, its products, heritage, tools, culture and iconic moments.


Learn and grow knowledge by creating a responsive custom platform, a digital journey, and a unique experience shared among all onboarders worldwide.

New beginnings are crucial moments: newcomers have to enter a new world and get acquainted not only with products, processes and people but also embrace a new culture with its coded and un-coded norms and so embody the Brand DNA. With a vibrant, focused and employee-centric HR team, Bulgari decided to design a coherent onboarding journey by transforming the existing multi-source training program into a blended, immersive and engaging experience.
Understanding employees’ needs and feelings is a vital step in designing a relevant experience. Therefore our first activity, in collaboration with central HR, focused on an internal context analysis conducted through interviews with onboarders and main stakeholders across departments, mapping of functions, roles and existing content and on analysis of existing technology. We also participated in the existing onboarding journey to get a better understanding of the process.
The goal we shared with the central HR team was to have a lean and transversal approach to the project: keep it smart, agile and friendly, while finding a solution that represents the essence of the Brand in a holistic way. Based on our knowledge of emerging markets, usability trends and best practices collected by our insights team, we designed the project roadmap and defined the main milestones – experience and platform concept design, MVP, pilot and rollout.

Through close collaboration with the HR team and client’s cross-functional internal stakeholders, we mapped and analyzed the existing onboarding subjects and supported the curation of additional contents, a complete library reflecting the Brand at all levels.


One of the most relevant assets for the project was the cross-department collaboration that allowed to integrate and magnify all the Company contents in a truly seamless experience.


In parallel, always maintaining the effective tight cooperation with Bulgari, we designed the UX/UI, tested it and integrated some gamification elements and badging mechanisms to the experience. All visual and narrative elements were carefully conceived and designed in consistency with the client’s Brand identity.

A specific feature of the platform is an onboarding mentor in the form of a visual chatbot, that guides the onboarders by offering suggestions, prompting quizzes or answering the most common questions.


The backend includes a Content Management System, where HR can enter or edit content, and dashboards with dedicated reporting.


The first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was released to a group of target users in a pilot phase, prior to launching the global roll-out that reached more than 40 countries, in 10 languages. Due to the relevance of the contents, Bulgari has decided to open the platform to all its employees, globally.

Innovation excerpt

Combine design and online learning skills with heritage and brand knowledge of Bulgari to create an engaging and contemporary onboarding experience converging knowledge from all business units into a single journey that was eventually shared with the entire organization as an innovative source for knowing the brand and its history.


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