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Nice, a purpose-driven internal communication campaign to launch the new intranet

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Promoting access and interaction in the new intranet by garnering widespread adoption and active engagement among employees. At the same time, fostering awareness and understanding of key organizational topics and initiatives by instilling a sense of ownership and commitment among the corporate population.


“Play Nice” is a purpose-driven communication campaign, aimed at amplifying the concept of “Daily Wonder”, the new intranet name, by engaging the corporate population in a charitable gaming experience. We designed the campaign concept and produced the content and visuals, including video pills, physical kits and launch and closing campaign videos.


The implementation of the “Play Nice” communication campaign has successfully increased engagement among employees, while raising awareness of essential topics and initiatives within the organization. By leveraging gamification and purpose-driven messaging, the campaign has fostered a sense of community and collective action among the corporate population at Nice.

Founded in the early 90s, Nice is a global leader in Home Management Solutions, with a complete offer of integrated solutions for the automation of gates, garages, solar shading systems, parking systems, wireless alarm systems, and home security, for residential, commercial and industrial applications; smart and connected systems for residential and commercial applications, for the security, access control, AI (Artificial Intelligence), health & wellness, control, and power / AV industries.
In 2023, Nice embarked on a transformative journey by transitioning its traditional house organ into a cutting-edge global intranet platform called The Daily Wonder. Recognizing the need to effectively introduce and promote this new digital ecosystem to employees across diverse geographical locations, Nice enlisted our expertise to design a comprehensive internal communication campaign.

With the goal of not only showcasing the features of The Daily Wonder but also fostering widespread engagement among users worldwide, we designed the Play Nice campaign.

This campaign ingeniously transformed the intranet platform into an expansive playing field, where employees could actively participate in a charitable race benefiting UNICEF.


To incentivize user interaction and drive platform adoption, we devised a strategic approach. A physical kit, complete with QR codes linking directly to the platform login, was distributed across Nice’s global locations. Additionally, we developed a sophisticated tracking system capable of converting user actions on the intranet into points. These points were then aggregated and displayed in real-time on dynamic counters, serving as visual indicators of the campaign’s progress.

In a bid to further amplify engagement, we strategically allocated more points to customized video pills addressing themes close to Nice’s organizational values and objectives.

This approach not only encouraged regular intranet usage, but also transformed The Daily Wonder into an invaluable space for raising awareness and fostering dialogue among the corporate population.

As the campaign gained momentum, the collective efforts of Nice’s employees translated into tangible outcomes. Through their interactions on The Daily Wonder, users earned points that contributed to various charitable donations for UNICEF, underscoring the campaign’s dual purpose of promoting engagement and driving social impact.


Moreover, the strategic integration of themed video pills ensured that The Daily Wonder served as more than just a communication tool — it became a catalyst for raising awareness and instigating meaningful conversations around topics central to Nice’s organizational ethos.

Innovation excerpt

A fusion of MAIZE’s strategic communication and data analytics expertise with Nice’s vision for employee engagement and social impact birthed an innovative campaign. Through gamification, we transformed intranet engagement into an immersive experience, fostering connections and driving charitable contributions.


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