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No right to be forgotten

The internet has unlocked a world full of potential. But unlike material things, which deteriorate and fade, the web makes things hard to disappear. And that influences us

by Francesca Sironi



Selfie culture

Selfies don’t come out of nowhere: for centuries self-representation mirrored and shaped societies and identities through different devices

by Riccardo Trabattoni

Humanities Studies


Writing our future freedom ourselves

Silicon Valley companies took over amid concerns about government intervention in the digital sphere, but our digital future should prioritize independence from them

by Jillian York

Humanities Studies

Turning Points

The complexity of reality

Reality is complex, so much so that there’s an entire institution devoted to studying this issue.

by Edoardo Maggio

Humanities Studies


The great WWW swindle

The way the internet has evolved over the years does not exactly reflect its roots.

by Philip Di Salvo

Humanities Studies

About digital and spirituality

Love the stranger within us and the strangers with whom we wander.

by Matteo Scanni

Humanities Studies

The dreams of digital humanities

A brief history of the wonders of binary encoding of culture. 

by Andrea Bolioli

Humanities Studies


The World Wide Web utopia

Humanity should be the purpose of data and machines at work, but, today, that's not quite the case.

by Vittorio Di Tomaso

Humanities Studies

Our digital lives, a pollution nightmare

In the digital sphere, waste products are not poured into the environment around us but end up stored in giant server towns.

by Riccardo Coluccini

Humanities Studies

What is technological utopianism?

Science is capable of leading humankind to a new condition. This faith may be techno-utopian thinkers' only common attribute.

by Alberto Tundo

Humanities Studies


A state of independence from The internet

How can we manage a World Wide Web that is inherently separate from reality, where our usual rules do not apply?

by Philip Di Salvo

Humanities Studies

Data whining

Can we truly understand machines if they are built on falsehoods and fallacies?

by Vittorio Di Tomaso

Humanities Studies

Self management

Digital ethics to shape post AI societies

The ongoing technology transformations pose crucial ethical questions concerning our environment, societies, and human flourishing.

by Mariarosaria Taddeo

Humanities Studies

Organizational monster

It’s time for AI to get ethical

Tech companies have been granted access to an unlimited amount of data, an issue that really entangles ethics when it comes to Healthcare.

by Bart de Witte

Humanities Studies

What is net nutrality?

Net neutrality is the principle that all data is equal and must be treated so accordingly by Internet Service Providers.


Humanities Studies

Laziness, technology and brain-scanning a billion people

The calculus gave us a new way to look at the world, and we emerged as a different species.

by Robert C. Wolcott


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