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Francesca Sironi


Francesca Sironi contributes to the weekly magazine L’Espresso, focusing on investigative stories. Since 2015 she has teamed up with Alberto Gottardo on documentaries. Their first work, Follow the Paintings, followed money laundering in the art market, and was selected for the Dig Awards and discussed in museums such as Triennale and Maxxi. In 2017, they spent a year following Marghe and Giulia, sisters aged 9 and 12 with a YouTube channel followed by thousands. The work was selected by Visioni Italiane for the Cineteca di Bologna, was presented at DOKLeipzig, and broadcast on Sky Atlantic. In April 2020 they began filming inside the first Italian hospital facing Covid-19, and the result was the short documentary Lodi primo soccorso, which won a Solinas prix, and was broadcast by BBC World.


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