Tomas Barazza

Partner @ H-FARM Innovation

Passionate about the impact of technology on organizational business and society, he has always wanted to use his background in economics and his studies of cognitive psychology to take a different approach to digital innovation. His multidisciplinary attitude has always been fundamental in creating a unique outlook for the cultural innovation division of H-FARM.

He graduated in Economics and Business studies from the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari. Then, he obtained a master’s in Innovation Management from Sant’Anna, Pisa – beginning his career in a large multinational consultancy followed by a few years at Benetton Group, where he specialised in organizational change. He spent the next decade in Andersen and EY, where he was able to consolidate a solid approach focussed on projects specifically to do with large organizational change.

In 2006 he chose to leave the consultancy career and focus solely on innovation, founding a startup at H-FARM. The fertile ground and mindset of H-FARM allowed him to launch other initiatives today collectively known as the Strategy & Innovation Culture – H-FARM’s division dedicated to desirable future design, transformation and it’s impact on organizations.

He’s a TWIN member and the founder of WETHOD, a lean multi-project management platform that fosters the autonomy and ownership of every team member at any level.