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Research and insights

We capture signals, collect and analyze market data to identify dynamics, and generate insights that help us better understand emerging scenarios.


In an uncertain world, change and progress are no longer being addressed as a fragmented approach managed by courageous individuals in isolated silos. Instead, it’s a fundamental organizational choice.

That’s why we believe in empowering entire organizations to tackle the impact of continuous transformation, starting with understanding the signals, trends, and insights that must guide strategic thinking at every level and in every department.

Our experts provide bespoke research and original analysis to help organizations address future-proofing challenges and contemporary dilemmas. With our expertise in market research, strategic foresight, customer insight, trend forecasting, behavioral science, brand strategy, and data analytics, we help organizations reimagine services and products, create new concepts and business models, and reshape how they work.

Our researchers aim to craft a plausible understanding — a map — of a changing world. Thus, analysis and sensemaking enable organizations and leaders to navigate the present and future and facilitate other strategic activities such as envisioning, planning, and testing ideas.

Amid enormous global change, we have developed the ability to move between intuition and logic, trends and phenomena, providing evidence to envision scenarios upon which organizations can build a factual experimentation process with an innovative and resilient mindset.

Qualitative and quantitative research

Data enrichment

Consumer and market trends

Strategic foresight


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