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“The Sinuous Overture” created for Bulgari positions MAIZE as a creative partner for Brand Experiences

24 November 2023

MAIZE receives 4 awards in the 2023 edition of BEA Italia and BEA World. 3 golds and 1 silver at the event, held from the 21st-24th of November at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome


BEA AWARDS, Italy and World, stand as a premier festival dedicated to the events and live communication industry, captivating once a year audiences from around the world in the vibrant city of Rome.


This prestigious gathering applauds excellence in events, performances, and exhibitions, drawing participation from renowned brands and entities such as Ferrari, Campari, Expo, Netflix, google and many others.


During this prestigious event, MAIZE proudly collected nominations and awards for “The Sinuous Overture” designed for Bulgari. This visionary project celebrated the iconic Serpenti legacy through a captivating brand experience—an immersive and interactive room inviting exploration of the Serpenti Icon. The display unfolded as a sinuous choreography of micro and macro details, responding dynamically to the gestures of an intrigued audience.


“The Sinuous Overture” left an indelible mark, attracting over 150,000 visitors worldwide and embarking on a captivating roadshow that spanned across Shanghai, Seoul, Milan, and Tokyo, bringing over 500.000 interactions with the installation.

These are the awards given to the “The Sinuous Overture”:


🥇 1st place → Roadshow Category — BEA World


🥇 1st place → Roadshow Category — BEA Italia


🥈 2nd place → Celebration/Festivity Category — BEA Italia


🥇 1st place → Best Execution — Special Mention BEA Italia


The BEA 2023 awards are the confirmation of how visionary work, combined with a strategic approach result in valuable recognition.


For this project we have combined expertise and talent from various disciplines including creative arts, 3D technologies, sound design, content and experience design, architecture and manufacturing.


The awards collected at BEA 2023, are the confirmation of how visionary work, combined with a strategic approach result in valuable recognition.


As a strategic design company, MAIZE revels in the diversity of its projects, effortlessly transferring knowledge and skills across various domains. The foundation of this prowess lies in a commitment to innovation and talent, fortified by robust client relationships and a network of trusted partners. The recognition at BEA Awards is a testament to MAIZE’s dedication to pushing creative boundaries and delivering unparalleled experiences.



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