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Limor Lahiani

Principal Engineering Engagement Manager, EMEA Health, Microsoft

A curious thinker on a constant journey of growing and evolving. Limor Lahiani is passionate about people and technology (in that order) and is excited about what their future holds. Lahiani likes to challenge others and herself to consider alternative ways to look at things while overcoming the urge to prove or disprove them. To play with ideas, to observe even the slightest resistance — as it may indicate a belief that has been shaken up — that can be the beginning of an exciting self-exploration. Lahiani leads a team with a unique task: Engaging with industry innovators and startups to help solve their challenging technical problems, and sharing their solutions with the broader community. Outside her work, she explores the effect of technology in general, and AI in particular, on humans. She sees technology as a driver for personal development and consciousness growth, both on the individual and collective level.  


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