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MAIZE. A brand new name to match our refreshed identity

24 May 2023

2022 marked a significant milestone for us, as we finalized our acquisition by JAKALA and opened up a completely new range of growth opportunities. To celebrate this new beginning our freshly redefined identity, we felt the need for a rebranding.


We were born in H-FARM as a startup during its emergence as an accelerator, actively fostering its growth and evolution into Europe’s most innovative campus.


Within H-FARM, through the years, we expanded our consultancy services, becoming H-FARM Innovation, a real go-to partner for innovation strategy all-around for some
of the most important brands in Italy and Europe.


In 2017, we founded our editorial project MAIZE, driven by our desire to create a platform to gather diverse perspectives on innovation, society, and individuals. Today, it still embodies our way of cultivating multidisciplinarity, curiosity, research, and open-mindedness.

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The Jakala Group acquisition and our rebranding as MAIZE

In 2022 we finalized our acquisition by JAKALA Group, the foremost Italian martech company driving transformation by combining a human-centric approach with data and technology to positively impact businesses, people, and society.


After that, in June 2023, we chose to do a rebranding and adopt the name MAIZE to include both aspects of our identity: a strategic design company that explores cultures and technologies to generate sustainable growth, and a cultural factory that engages in discussions and observations of contemporary society to envision the future.


At times, rebrands can feel like a touch-up to slightly smudged makeup. That is not in our case.

Before becoming MAIZE and presenting our story in a fresh light, we crafted our new brand identity by deconstructing and reconstructing various facets of our work, reflecting on who we are, acknowledging our evolution alongside the changing world, and redefining our areas of expertise.


This is MAIZE. A brand new story!


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