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Modular Makes Sense

How the Future of Mobility Will Take Many Forms

Thanks to the digital revolution, the transport industry is experiencing significant turmoil. Until recently, it had never been exposed to any major change, always opting instead for smaller tweaks and enhancements that focussed on 20th-century notions of what a car should be. However, now it is undergoing deep disruption, becoming the testing ground for different technologies and much broader approaches.

By Tommaso Gecchelin

The Playlist


A smart list of startups, companies, people, places and more.

Editorial by Therese Gedda

Opening New Doors

R+ is the Future of Architecture

Among the technologies fuelling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, R+ (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality) is perhaps the most underrated. However, over recent years, these technologies have displayed their potential across several sectors, attracting huge investments in the process.

By maize.

Lessons to be Learnt

From optimistic revenue streams to unrealistic dreams – we speak to Andreas Spechtler, founder of the Startup Executive Academy and leader of the initiative Silicon Castles to find out what some of the most common mistakes startups are making today.

Long Story Short

Artificial Intelligence’s black box problem is the unsettling realisation that we do not fully understand why the algorithms behind AI act the way they do. As these algorithms continue to permeate our lives with increased vigour, this is a problem which we cannot continue to ignore.

Opening Pandora's Box

In the recent years, AI development has quickly accelerated and is finally making its way into our lives in the form of self-driving cars and smart personal assistants. As AI gets more and more reliable, people are slowly overcoming their suspicions towards it and embracing it as a part of their day-to-day lives. With adoption rates soaring, now is the correct time to switch the focus of the debate to Moral Machine Learning: which ethics do we want machines to have? And how do we bestow these values onto them?

Pioneer Series

The Importance of Open Innovation

H-FARM's own Timothy O'Connell explains what businesses can gain from embracing Open Innovation today.

Podcast by Timothy O' Connell

A Revolution in the Making

Built on Trust: Distributed Ledger Technology

In the same way that most people who use the internet seem to be more interested in what it does rather than how it does it, the technological genius behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies often goes unexplored. While understanding the way Distributed Ledger Technology works isn’t essential to one’s ability to use applications built on it— having a basic knowledge on how it works will help you understand why it’s considered to be revolutionary and why the hype surrounding DLT is well-founded.

By Robert Kuefner

8 takeaways from The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

An analysis of our debut event on AI, the technology that walks the fine line between a world of wonder and one of woe. From cybersecurity to healthcare, discover the nature the most polarising technology of our generation.

By maize.

Into the Unknown


What lies ahead? Exploring the idea that the mediator between head and hands must be the heart if humanity is to thrive in the coming age of the automaton. "But where there is danger, there also grows what saves" – Friedrich Hölderlin

By Robert C. Wolcott

What is the Future of Mobility?

A Tale of Three Cities

Today, most answers focus on electric and self-driving vehicles. These are undoubtedly characteristic of the ongoing developments in mobility, but really are only one dimension when it comes to answering this more astute question.

By Philipp von Hagen