Who wants to live forever?

Death is not an option

Alice Azzolini

Seizing opportunities for collaboration from Covid-19

Working from home puts a spotlight on what isn't working, while creating space for innovative forms of communication and collaboration.

Maks Giordano

Chico Tillmon works with Chicago youth to break patterns of degradation

Former Chicago gang member, Chico Tillmon, is fighting what seems to be an incurable epidemic in his city: violence. He is on a quest to change the future for thousands of youth who are living in a scenario without hope, because of what he sees as a system that has taken away their possibilities to improve.



RELEASED // The maize team reflects on Afterwords' six-week journey and the themes addressed by its contributors. They examine how these authentic words and reflections made at eye level correlated to various phases of this crisis as it unfolded.


What lessons can we learn from debunking 5G health risks?

Consumers have the right to be worried about new technologies, and experts have an obligation to disperse these fears.

Mischa Dohler

Reinventing the operating system of organizations

Aaron Dignan helps companies navigate the unchartered territory of the workplace of the future. Dignan argues for defaulting to a a place of open information across an organization, and making exceptions only if there's a good reason.



TRUTH // Chris Chavez is a yoga teacher, musician, and co-owner of Cihangir Yoga in Istanbul, Turkey. In this inspiring talk he reflects upon our own ability to connect to an inner truth and use it as a guiding light in times in which we face change and uncertainty. He gives some insights into how connecting the dots of our confusion can fuse together an opportunity that will help us become the most of who we can be.

Chris Chavez

What will life after Covid-19 look like?

Leonardo Caffo considers the normal life that we have left behind, and 'a new species of humans,' which might be about to appear in the world.

Leonardo Caffo


FAMILY // Enrico is the chief marketing officer of Clementoni and the father of Matteo, Luca, and Giorgio. Enrico and his sons reflect upon the impact this lockdown has had on children in general and on family dynamics in particular. They speak about discovering new values and new opportunities for creating deeper interpersonal relationships both within the family, extended family, and peers. Luca and Matteo also share their thoughts about school and learning, based on the new experiences that they have had during this period of lockdown.

Enrico Santarelli

From Party Line to WhatsApp: A look at our ever-changing ways of communicating

The first instant messages were for programmers, emergency communications, and computer chat rooms, until they entered the realm of our everyday lives. How did we get from there, to having full chat conversations in tiny boxes on our mobile phones?



FUTURE // Martin is a futurist and chief designer at SAP. He is a keynote speaker and an enthusiast reflecting upon our role as humans in new emerging future scenarios as we address situations we could have predicted yet made no space or time to address. Martin invites us to be proactive creators of the future desinging it based on the questions that must be asked and faced in advance.

Martin Wezowski

Guido van Nispen on why a global pandemic might change how we make a living

Now that we are faced with the possibility of high unemployment, millions of redundant workers will soon look for jobs. Those jobs will, for a large part, be very different than the ones they had before.

Guido van Nispen


RITUALS // Tommaso Mellili is a Chef and Author passionate about the role commensality and the space it has acquired in shaping our society and social interactions. He reflects upon restaurants being the last space that modern loneliness hasn't conquered yet and its role as a common ritual for the present and the future of the human community.

Tommaso Melilli

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