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Foresight, Strategy And Speed In A World Of Rapid Change

Speed Is Not A Strategy

By Robert C. Wolcott

Cryptocurrencies and today's financial infrastructures

Today the population of the Earth earns, buys and sells using 180 different physical fiat currencies, from the US Dollar to the Georgian Lari. At the same time, we can choose among 1400 cryptocurrencies, those virtual currencies that use cryptography to secure and verify transactions.


LIN KAYSER / Hyperganic Technologies AG

A smart list of startups, books, links and more.

Editorial by Lin Kayser

A drone's-eye view of M&A in 2017

We take a look back at some of the year's most defining high-tech deals.

Leading the way

Cracking the code to the future of education

Ed-Tech entrepreneur Idit Harel explains why a helping learner's ever-changing struggle needs a complete rethink.

By Idit Harel


What is Blockchain?

Blockchains are tamper-resistant means of keeping records, linked and secured through the use of cryptography.

By maize.

Children Designers

Constructionist Learning Theory

In this month’s Pioneer Podcast, we speak to Idit Harel. Idit is an epistemologist, a learning sciences researcher and pioneer of constructionist learning based Ed-Tech interventions. In this episode, we delve into Idit's past experiences, explore her latest book, Children Designers, and hear her explanation of constructionist learning theory and different business models.

Podcast by Idit Harel


How technology can be a honeypot for retailers

The dichotomy between digital and physical is diminishing, and traditional brick and mortar retailers need to adapt logically in order to capitalize on this change.

By Daniel Kellmereit


Education needs to go back to school

Access to resources does not simply mean access to money. It means access to the right knowledge and right opportunity. In a world that is ever growingly more ubiquitous with technology, and in a time where we are approaching a point where intelligent machines and robots will do more of the things that humans used to do in the last 100 years, it is of the utmost importance for children to develop new types of skills from an increasingly early age.

By maize.

A Glance at the Opportunities

IOTA in the New Mobility

IOTA is a Distributed Ledger Technology that delivers many of the same benefits associated with blockchain technologies, such as a shared identity and network-based trust. It creates an immutable ledger of data that is stored across a distributed network. It enables peer-to-peer asset transfer and monetary exchange without central intermediaries.

By Alexander Renz & Jochen Renz

A Positive View on the Future of AI and Humans

How AI presents a Unique Opportunity for Humanity

Artificial Intelligence has now entered the public debate. Everyone, everywhere are more aware of AI and the changes it could bring than ever before. As with any advanced technology, there is a risk that it can be abused, and many worries about what AI will mean for humanity are grounded in logic. However much of what gets covered in the press is not only negative but speculative – apocalyptic visions of an intelligent AI taking over. I choose to focus on a more positive aspect of AI, it’s effect on humanity and the positive process I believe we humans are going through as we develop it.

By Limor Lahiani