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A Holistic Approach

Today, most answers focus on electric and self-driving vehicles. These are undoubtedly characteristic of the ongoing developments in mobility, but really are only one dimension when it comes to answering this more astute question.

The Playlist / Jeremy Abbett

Creative Evangelist

A smart list of startups, companies, people, places and more.

Editorial by Jeremy Abbett

Energizing Employee Engagement

With employee engagement at an all-time low – action is necessary. Shape your company's core to ensure the best for your business.

Cabin Crew, You're Cleared for Progress

Inflight Innovation

How a dormant industry is exploring its potential as a space for digital innovation. With Flying Labs, Lufthansa features live conferences with thought-leaders during flight and allows passengers to experience and test the latest tech and innovations like wearables.

By Torsten Wingenter

From 5G to the Internet of Things

4 Ways Telecoms Will Change Tomorrow

It should come as no surprise to anyone who owns a phone with an Internet connection, but the Telco industry is among the sectors that have been shaken by the digital revolution from the ground up.

By maize.

Long Story Short

What is the WeChat Ecosystem?

The WeChat ecosystem is the herculean cross-functionality of what was once a humble messaging app.

By maize.

Pioneer Series

The Importance of Open Innovation

H-FARM's own Timothy O'Connell explains what businesses can gain from embracing Open Innovation today.

Podcast by Timothy O' Connell

A new narrative

Drive innovation through storytelling

For an organisation to succeed today, it needs to enable and foster innovation by providing the correct “operating systems”. Operating systems can mean anything palpable that makes an organisation work: technology, budgets, profits, equipment. But can also mean the intangible: its atmosphere, culture, and unique story.

By Tomas Barazza


An interview with Andreas Spechtler, Founder and CEO of Silicon Castles.

An Apple a Day Keeps the AI Away

Would You Trust an AI Doctor?

Artificial Intelligence is already a recurring presence in our everyday lives - when we fly on a plane, perform a banking transaction, research keywords on Google or even when we drive a car (if we have a Tesla, at least) - this technology is intrinsically tied to life in the modern world.

By Bart de Witte



In 2015, Mark van Rijmenam moved to Australia to begin his PhD at the University of Technology in Sydney. By then, he had already begun to focus his dissertation on Big Data, having only heard and written lightly about the blockchain and still unable to fully grasp it entirely. However one day by happenstance, Mark joined a workshop about the blockchain: it was so eye-opening that he eventually changed his mind and decided to focus his dissertation on it.

By Mark van Rijmenam