Ideas to expand our realities



Can virtual jobs save us?

The pandemic lockdowns announced by most national governments meant the worldwide pool of skilled labor grew virtually overnight, across all age groups.

Epi Ludvik

Arcologies can be considered a precursor of today's smart cities

Arcosanti is a projected experimental town with a molten bronze bell casting business in central Arizona, which was posited by Italian-American architect Paolo Soleri.

Vittoria Traverso

The evolving definition of design

Design, above all else, is the interpreter of a society, giving voice to its needs and values. Design is a narrator of ourselves.

Lorenzo Ruggieri

Creativity as a way to save lives

In the Rebel Surgeon, Erik Gandini tells the story of a Swedish surgeon who grows exasperated by his country's bureaucracy, and moves his practice to a small village in Ethiopia.

Henry Albert

The ritual of a summit at any cost

In the early 1970s, the mountains of Piedmont became filled with odd characters who were light years away from traditional mountaineers. They were new climbers who despised the heroic myth of a hard and pure climber.

Susanna Marchini

What is modern leadership?

When it comes to leadership, Isaac Getz, professor at ESCP Business School thinks that a utopian approach is not the right path to follow

Giulia Pozzobon

Hundreds of years old disease tracking goes digital

When it comes to 2020 and Covid-19, tracing the path of contact with anyone who might have the virus is being used as a public health tool for controlling the pandemic.


Michael Pollan has made a career out of telling people what to eat for dinner

A philosophy about how to dine with reverence isn’t new, but instead challenges us to go back to a place in time where food is sacred, which seems out of reach in our modern world

Laura Pezzino

Four cybersecurity lessons learned from Covid-19

Although the Covid-19 situation was definitely unexpected and disastrous, it has given us a lot to think about.

Menny Barzilay

Music's utopian dream

Music provides an escape from the darkness of our lives, giving us the possibility to transcend time. But does sound really provide a vehicle with which to attain an imagined Shangri-La?

Andrea Dusio

Meet one of the oldest sites on the internet

Piero Scaruffi has attempted to archive the world, sharing his views and insights about everything from the history of Rock and Roll to Sri Lankan politics.

Susanna Marchini

Is social entrepreneurship the new normal?

Is social entrepreneurship becoming the norm, as more people are starting to work on projects that they believe in?


How can we characterize our realities in a foundationless, limitless universe?

Visions and beliefs define the world in which we live, our paths to the future, even our realities. Co-founder and chairman of The World Innovation Network (TWIN), Robert Wolcott, explores what this means in our current era.

Robert C. Wolcott

How is artificial intelligence changing the retail landscape?

By integrating AI with existing security cameras, retailers, and other businesses, are finding solutions to keep customers safe in the Covid-19 world.


Extending the borders of talent development

A learning organization, much like a startup, values human capabilities as drivers of mindful growth and continuous experimentation. But what should we train for, and how?

Achille Zambon

Have we launched into a new era of design?

The design profession is moving towards these areas where people can really help rather than just making an aesthetically-superior product. And this is one of the great things that's coming out of the design field, this focus on health and well-being and human value … although we still want beautiful things.

Liz Shemaria

Digitalism envisions a world where data is society's most important resource

The rise of digitalism is unstoppable. However, as citizens, we still stand a chance to build a society that is there for us and not for corporations or dictatorial leaders.

Mark van Rijmenam

Thomas More's 1516 utopia could bring us back to the present

More wasn't the first and he certainly wasn't the last to to examine what an ideal society might look like.

Riccardo Coluccini

Exploring the roles and myths of cyberspace

How can we manage a World Wide Web that is inherently separate from reality, where our usual rules do not apply?

Philip Di Salvo

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