Extending the borders of talent development

Learning, beyond e-learning

Achille Zambon

The infinite loop of the utopian dream

According to Irwin Kula, a seventh-generation rabbi from New York City, utopia is a place that can never exist, even where there is a strong belief in a higher power.

Liz Shemaria

Have we launched into a new era of design?

The design profession is moving towards these areas where people can really help rather than just making an aesthetically-superior product. And this is one of the great things that's coming out of the design field, this focus on health and well-being and human value … although we still want beautiful things.

Liz Shemaria

Digitalism envisions a world where data is society's most important resource

The rise of digitalism is unstoppable. However, as citizens, we still stand a chance to build a society that is there for us and not for corporations or dictatorial leaders.

Mark van Rijmenam

Thomas More's 1516 utopia could bring us back to the present

More wasn't the first and he certainly wasn't the last to to examine what an ideal society might look like.

Riccardo Coluccini

Exploring the roles and myths of cyberspace

How can we manage a World Wide Web that is inherently separate from reality, where our usual rules do not apply?

Philip Di Salvo

Hauling education into the digital twenty-first century

Covid-19 has created an opportunity for students from elementary-age to graduate school to benefit from crowdsourcing and online classes. What does that mean for the future?

Epi Ludvik

Seizing opportunities for collaboration from Covid-19

Working from home puts a spotlight on what isn't working, while creating space for innovative forms of communication and collaboration.

Maks Giordano

Digitizing doctor's visits

Apps and telehealth can give people access to a doctor on their smartphone whenever they need them, especially during Covid-19.

Liz Shemaria

What lessons can we learn from debunking 5G health risks?

Consumers have the right to be worried about new technologies, and experts have an obligation to disperse these fears.

Mischa Dohler

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N. 9 - June 2020

Relentless evolution

In this exceptionally uncertain and challenging moment in history, we are more than ever urged, if not compelled at all, to change: We have to prove to ourselves, and to the planet on which we live, that we can evolve — at the right time, and in the right direction. But what is evolution? How did we get here, and how do we get from here?