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From 5G to the Internet of Things

The Shape of Telecommunication Tomorrow

By maize.


An interview with Andreas Spechtler, Founder and CEO of Silicon Castles.

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GREGOR GIMMY / BMW Startup Garage

A smart list of startups, companies, people, places and more.

Editorial by Gregor Gimmy

Decentralised teams in the digital era

Over the course of the last decade, the digital revolution has been disrupting the way we work. Thanks to the Internet, the percentage of employees working physically inside an office and with set shifts is decline. In fact, according to a study carried out by Nasdaq in 2017, “many Americans are saying goodbye to the traditional 9-5 lifestyle”. The number of freelancers, too, is predicted to reach 43% of the total workforce by 2020.

An Apple a Day Keeps the AI Away

Would You Trust an AI Doctor?

Artificial Intelligence is already a recurring presence in our everyday lives — when we fly on a plane, perform a banking transaction, research keywords on Google or even when we drive a car (if we have a Tesla, at least) – this technology is intrinsically tied to life in the modern world.

By Bart de Witte

Long Story Short

What is BIoT?

Blockchain Internet of Things (BIoT) is a viable answer to the ongoing security concerns faced by IoT.

By maize.

Pioneer Series

The Importance of Open Innovation

H-FARM's own Timothy O'Connell explains what businesses can gain from embracing Open Innovation today.

Podcast by Timothy O' Connell



In 2015, I moved to Australia to begin my PhD at the University of Technology in Sydney. By then, I had already begun to focus my dissertation on Big Data, having only heard and written lightly about the blockchain and still unable to fully grasp it entirely. However one day by happenstance, I joined a workshop about the blockchain: it was so eye-opening that I eventually changed my mind and decided to focus my dissertation on it.

By Mark van Rijmenam

At an Apex

Remaining Disruptive is Key

maize takes a dive into some case studies which make clear that being a continual disruptor is key to success today.

By maize.

A new narrative

Drive innovation through storytelling

For an organisation to succeed today, it needs to enable and foster innovation by providing the correct “operating systems”. Operating systems can mean anything palpable that makes an organisation work: technology, budgets, profits, equipment. But can also mean the intangible: its atmosphere, culture, and unique story.

By Tomas Barazza

Shaping the Smart City and Citizens of the Future

The Digital Society School

We sat down with members of The Digital Society School, a branch of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industries. The centre conducts research projects focused on the digital transformation of societies, examining how cities can be shaped by the new needs of what they call “digital citizens”.

By Gijs Gootjes