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Forget ICOs

Crowdsourcing Week's Epi Ludvik Nekaj delves into 2017's Trust Crisis and why trust is the most important currency for businesses today.

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Inbal Arieli / Synthesis

A smart list of startups, links, movies, books, art and wonders.

Editorial by Inbal Arieli


Nothing is certain except taxes and death – but what taxes and whose death?

Mobility will fracture the very laws and infrastructures that our cities stand upon. How will we pay for the loss of revenue usually sourced through tickets, parking and license tax? How will our laws adapt to the disorder that changes in mobility will bring? How do we make the future of mobility not only sustainable, but also affordable whilst at the same time financing the infrastructure investments needed to avoid gridlock in our cities?

By Alexander Renz & Jochen Renz


Tips from the e-commerce giant Zalando

We sit down and speak to Zalando's Managing Director of Lisbon Marc Lamik to hear some advice on the state of e-commerce today.

By Marc Lamik

Long Story Short

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that equips machines with the capability to learn behaviours without being explicitly programmed to do so.

By maize.

Pioneer Series

The Importance of Open Innovation

H-FARM's own Timothy O'Connell explains what businesses can gain from embracing Open Innovation today.

Podcast by Timothy O' Connell

Unseen Forces

The Algorithmic Self

Today, technology has permeated every section of our society. Our daily life is flooded with new applications and we are as a species rapidly becoming one with our tools. Most of these developments are visible, we see them around us all of the time. But what about the technologies that are not overtly present in our lives?

By maize.

adidas Makerlab

Cultivating creativity through space and collaboration

Learn about some of the inner-workings of adidas. How they empower, create and innovate from within.

By Jordi Closa


Big data and Amazon's Trojan Horse

We sit down with the head of MIT Media Lab Barak Berkowitz, former CEO of Evi – the creators of the intelligence behind Alexa – to talk about Amazon's competitors and what Alexa means in an economy dominated by the few.

By Barak Berkovitz

Grow your business

The Venture Client Model

Imagine it's 1993 and a startup approaches you. It offers a new kind of phone that is mobile, meaning that is not fixed to a building, weighs five kilos, breaks off every two minutes, and costs ten thousand dollars. Would you want your whole company’s communication to rely on that technology? Probably not.

By Gregor Gimmy