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The Long Read

What do Walmart, Amadeus and the NYT Have in Common?

Disruption, a word on the verge of becoming as overused as digitization. We have come to a point where it is almost impossible for any business person to have a debate without these words entering the conversation.

By Belén Romana & Maria Eugenia Girón Dávila

The Playlist

Marc Buckley / ALOHAS ECO-Center

A smart list of startups, companies, people, places and more.

Editorial by Marc Buckley

Transforming Human-Computer Interaction

Let’s Talk NLP

Imagine going in front of a printer, and, instead of clicking buttons, starting a conversation: “Hey, could you make a copy of this document?”. “Sure”, it replies. “No, I think a bit smaller should do it, maybe half an A4 page”. This isn’t impossible: thanks to Conversational Design, this is how we’ll interact with devices in the Internet of Things era.

By Hector Ouilhet

An Interview with Marcio Barradas

Dinner is Printed

We spoke to Marcio Barradas, CEO and Founder of Moodbytes, a company focused on the application of the latest technologies in the food sector and how 3D printing is changing the game.

By Marcio Barradas

A Toolbox For The Times

This Must Be The Place

“How will our homes look and how will new technologies impact them?”, is a question that is often asked about the future. It’s a question which highlights how improperly we use the term “technology” rather than term “tool”. By talking about technology, one may be referring to both a main area of research or to a device. AI or R+ (VR/AR/MR) can be both domains and tools for example.

By Elena Malakhatka

How Social Media is Affecting Our Brains

Social Mania

Evolution and technology are working at a different pace – the result is to be seen.

By Bruce Hood

Long Story Short

What Are Deep Fakes?

Deep fake, a portmanteau of "deep learning" and "fake", is an artificial intelligence-based human image synthesis technique. It is used to combine and superimpose existing images and videos onto source images or videos.

By maize.

Staying Grounded in Reality

Virtual Snowballing

When it comes to business, analysts have a penchant for comparisons. So it is no surprise that when it comes to Virtual & Augmented Reality (R+), that this burgeoning industry is no exception. However, as when comparing apples and oranges, it is difficult to compare the growth of R+ to that of other industries.

By Tipatat Chennavasin

Pioneer Podcast

Be Assured, Insurance is Changing

Reza Khorshidi is Chief Scientist at AIG Insurance. In this podcast, we discuss current trends in the industry, which technologies are fuelling this and how insurance changes human behavior.

Podcast by Reza Khorshidi

Resilent is the New Green

Project Slingshot

An Interview with Marc Buckley, Author of Earth's Vision, It's Time for Sustainable Food Reform.

By Marc Buckley

Giving the Users What They Want

State of Fl-UX

There has always been a certain confusion about what UX (User Experience) Design is. UX Design is supporting design with the scientific method, applying it to the design challenges we're facing now or in the future and solving them through user-centered evaluation testing, research and combining a variety of methods to strategically attack those issues – resolving them to guarantee a better user experience.

By Alexander Wiethoff