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Vocal Vehicles

How Digital Assistants Hold the Keys to the Future of Mobility

Let’s be honest: even though we shouldn’t, sometimes we make phone calls and send text messages while we drive. This is a disaster when smartphone distraction is the main cause of car accidents, but what if we turned technology behind the cause into the solution to the problem?

By Holger Weiss

The Playlist

Scott David / World Economic Forum

A smart list of startups, companies, people, places and more.

Editorial by Scott David

The Uncharted Territory of the Digital Space

How to Prepare For Jobs That Don’t Yet Exist

The BBC uses a statistic that 65% of future jobs have yet to be invented. Think about it? UX designer, social media manager, Uber driver, drone operator - these are just a small handful of prominent roles in today’s market that were practically uncharted a decade ago. Technology is disrupting the world of business, which in turn is having a profound and immediate impact on employment. And the question that follows: ‘how do we prepare for the unknown?’ – is inevitable.

By Rahmyn Kress

Human Innovation Culture

Slaying the Organizational Monster

How simple is it to redesign an organisation from scratch and challenge traditional structures and the status quo, giving employees the ability and legitimacy to redefine the boundaries and culture in which they operate? H-FARM's Human Innovation Culture is a case study on how this works.

By Tomas Barazza

Long Story Short

What is IOTA?

Another day, another cryptocurrency. In seemingly endless supply these days, cryptocurrencies are taking the world by storm, and with each new instalment, we see more regulation, wider adoption, and increased hype around why this is the economy of the future.

By maize.

What Businesses Should Know

The Advanced Manufacturing Challenge

Some call it Advanced Manufacturing, others prefer Smart Manufacturing or even Industry 4.0. The ways we refer to the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the manufacturing sector are as abundant as the technological drivers which drive it.

By maize.

Pioneer Podcast

What AI Means for Cybersecurity

We speak to the CEO of FortyTwo, Menny Barzilay, to discuss the future of cybersecurity and its intersection with AI. Covering topics such as the impending cyber-security crisis, how AI can help and hinder this problem, as well as the changing nature of computer viruses, the rise of data poisoning and find out which startups he thinks are making the most gains in this sector today.

Podcast by Menny Barzilay

Fostering a Better Outlook

Sowing the Seeds of a Growth Mindset

A leopard can’t change its spots. Brain and talent are inborn gifts that are impossible to alter. This belief, almost as old as time, states that many of the limits to our development are set in stone even before we are born. Carol Dweck, a Psychology professor at Stanford University, refuted this by contesting that an individual's mindset is what really makes the difference, and found that it is one of the most crucial elements in creating a successful business today.

By maize.

Sharing is Caring

Mobility Is Not a One Way Street

The need for collaboration across all industries is on the rise. One of the clearest examples of an industry with collaboration opportunities is the car industry. Today, automotive incumbents have widely accepted that collaboration with innovative companies in other business areas, such as software, is necessary for future success. Yet this process is a two-way-street, and the cross-pollination of ideas between all parties is paramount to their mutual success.

By Philipp von Hagen

A Retail for the Ages

How Jack Ma Is Changing the Chinese Retail Game

Many people speculate about the future, but only a few have more than an inkling of an idea of what it is going to look like. Even less are those who are shaping it. Alibaba founder Jack Ma, however, is indeed sculpting the world of tomorrow and is better equipped to know what the future has in store than most. More importantly, this is a man who knows what is going to happen in-store.

By maize.

First it was Seen, Now it is Heard

The Future of Voice

Can you imagine a device you never have to touch? One with no clicks but, instead, conversation? By the year 2020, you will have to imagine no longer. In fact, according to a study carried on by Gartner, in just two-years more than 30% of all web-browsing sessions will be done without a screen. The new interface? Voice.

By Malte Kosub