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Shaping the Smart City and Citizens of the Future

The Digital Society School

By Gijs Gootjes

Revolutionizing access to brain healthcare

Just fifteen years ago, it was hard to picture the concrete and immediate impact neuroscience would have on people’s lives beyond medical applications.

The Playlist

Menny Barzilay / FortyTwo

A smart list of startups, literature, film and more.

Editorial by Menny Barzilay

From utopia to reality

2021: the electric car revolution starts here

It was 1886 when Karl Benz patented the first gas motor car in human history. More than 130 years have passed from that defining moment, and until a decade ago very little had changed. This trend slowly began to shift a decade ago, when the interest and the investments in electric cars started to gain momentum.

By Gianfranco Pizzuto

Are We Alone?

This is Ground Control to Major Tom

A small step for mannequin, one giant leap for mankind – and for music too.

By maize.

Long Story Short

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a method for creative and practical problem-solving that finds its roots in a plethora of subjects ranging from Architecture, Engineering and Business.

By maize.

Pioneer Series

The Importance of Open Innovation

H-FARM's own Timothy O'Connell explains what businesses can gain from embracing Open Innovation today.

Podcast by Timothy O' Connell

Innovating business for the future

From Materiality to Immateriality

Partners Jussi Tapio and Miikka Leinonen explore what the immaterial world can do for businesses today.

By Jussi Tapio & Miikka Leinonen

An end to systems of scarcity

An Abundant World, requires Abundant “Money”

Co-Founder of Promise Hub Dave Erickson makes the case for a total rethink of our current money systems.

By Dave Erickson

The I-REACT Project

Saving lives with Social Media

Social media platforms are popular tools that are used to share information on anything going on in the world. In the emergency domain, such information can become a powerful resource for assessing the development of hazards and their impact, and how the affected population perceives them. Natural Language Processing and automatic event detection are therefore crucial in developing an effective disaster management system.

By Andrea Bolioli & Francesco Tarasconi

Lessons from History

Technological Waves

Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author and futurist Nicklas Bergman explains technological waves, what they mean and where they come from.

By Nicklas Bergman