Why maize.PLUS

An innovative, online learning journey, featuring personalized bite-sized content which can adapt to any device at any time.


Innovation culture 14 September 2020

Since the very beginning, training has been what we do best. During the last 10 years, corporate training has been one of H-FARM’s core roles when supporting other companies in developing their innovation. Because of this, we have been able to deeply understand the evolution of people’s learning habits, as well as companies’ needs and constraints. With maize.PLUS we want to provide a new learning experience, designed according to forward-thinking, user-centered principles.

maize.PLUS is an innovative online learning journey featuring engaging, personalized content, based on three main principles:


Finally, a platform that speaks the web’s language. Interactivity, lots of visuals, a colorful design and a fun, narrative approach make for an engaging experience.


Freedom to explore, connect, and forge an individual learning path, following the user’s unique desire for discovery.


Bite-sized content allows users to experience learning with their own preferences and at their own pace. The platform adapts to different devices, so that the user can take advantage of every micro-moment to explore and learn.

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