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Tia Kansara

CEO, Replenish

Tia is co-founder of Kansara Hackney Ltd, a lifestyle consultancy for which she is the youngest awardee of the RIBA honorary fellowship. She also is the CEO of Replenish Earth Ltd, a cause and a collective action to protect the global commons. Tia worked alongside MIT and the Urban Planning Council, the Executive Affairs Authority, Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, Regulation and Supervision Bureau to create the first energy baseline and comprehensive energy evaluation in the Gulf. In association with the Club of Rome and the United Nations General Assembly she has advised the Royal family of Bhutan and Prime Minister Jigme Thinley on the creation of an international commission on sustainable, economic growth. She lead Sandbox for three years, a community of 1000 leading change-makers; was UCL Bartlett Ambassador for the Gulf region between 2012-15.    


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