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On hyperfast delivery services, digital-only garments, data-driven variable fonts, and better tools for school at home.



Goodbye two-day delivery

FastAF is like Amazon Prime on steroids. The platform and app, built on top of Darkstore, aims to deliver premium essentials to customers’ doorsteps in an average of 27 minutes. From Nike to Sonos, FastAF partners with brands through wholesale and consignment basis like most retailers, but unlike others, it also provides brands with sales insights. A great deal for both brands and consumers at a time when delivery services have gone from being a nice-to-have to essential.

When the outfit goes contactless

It was 2018 when the Scandinavian retailer Carlings launched a digital-only fashion collection dubbed “Neo-Ex” aimed to combat the “snap and sand back” phenomenon. Today the collection seems to no longer exist—what a shame. Still, don’t worry. Just check for Tribute Brand, a Zagreb company specialized in contactless fashion for the cyber age. Are you looking for inspiration? On the Tribute Instagram feed, you can find futuristic #OOTD worn by the likes of Nicola Formichetti, Sita Abellan, and Marc Goehring.

The Climate Crisis Font

Bold? Italic? Forget about the regular type font styles: Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat developed ones of a kind variable font to help designers visually communicate climate change urgency. Just melt-down the Climate Crisis Font weight and style by sliding through a timescale that corresponds to the amount of sea ice in the Arctic from 1979 to 2050. A brilliant—and free—resource for all the Instagram-activists out there.

Better school at home

You’ve probably never wondered this, though: 90,000 schools across 20 countries have taken Zoom up to help children continue their education remotely. That’s a big number. And I can tell, it hasn’t been a piece of cake—until now. Here it comes Class for Zoom, the ed-tech startup backed by Zoom’s earliest investors, which aims to offer a more customized and engaging school-at-home-experience both for students and teachers. Following the company’s launch back in September, Class Technologies has raised a total of $46 million in funding.