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Welcome to 2024 State of Innovation, a lens on the intricate fabric of corporate innovation, informed by our comprehensive research involving over 50 leading European organizations and two strategic partners, Bloom Partners and Made by Many. This platform is dedicated to exploring the dynamic interplay of successful and challenging innovation practices across various industries, offering a unique lens into the future of business innovation.


The 2024 State of Innovation reflects a collective interest that we have intuited from our clients of delving into the world of innovation and confronting both successful and unsuccessful initiatives across diverse industries, to understand and anticipate its future evolution.

This intuition has driven us to investigate how companies on an international scale perceive and approach innovation, shedding light on their experiences, practices, and pressing challenges.

Despite universal recognition of innovation’s significance, it is still a big challenge to effectively integrate it into a structured, ongoing process that genuinely adds value to the business.

To confront how companies have approached innovation in recent years and what the prospects are for the future, we have carried out a research that involved conversations and interviews with innovation leaders in over 50 European organizations. The project ends with a special event on the world of corporate innovation, on how it has changed over the years and how it will evolve in the future.

2024 State of Innovation Report

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    The Event

    An opportunity to collectively reflect on the challenges that lie ahead in the realm of innovation.


    An on-site event tailored for innovation leaders (CDO, CTO, CIO, etc.) from companies across diverse sectors. Participants immersed themselves in inspiring moments and collaborative discussions, fostering the exchange of experiences and ideas centered around themes and virtuous models of innovation.

    Danilo Raponi

    Group Head of Innovation at Generali

    Danilo Raponi is in charge of driving and scaling innovation throughout the Group, and is the Managing Director of Generali’s global Innovation Fund. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from SDA Bocconi School of Management

    Odeta Mustafaraj

    Head of Tolling Projects at Autostrade Per l’Italia

    Odeta Mustafaraj possesses a 360° expertise on digital projects covering technical, business, logistics and HR roles in over 15 years of career in top-notch companies such as YOOX Net-a-Porter and Free to X.

    Mauro Cavagna

    Chief Technology and Processes Officer at Prelios

    Mauro Cavagna boasts over 20 years of international experience in innovating business models through digital leverage. Before entering the asset management sector, he held executive roles within the Eni Group, coming from management consulting.

    Fabrizio Conicella

    Head of Open Innovation & Competence at Chiesi Farmaceutici

    Fabrizio Conicella is a Senior Innovation Manager with proven expertise in the Pharma industry. His profound understanding of the innovation landscape stems from his previous roles as a top manager and his academic career.



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