How maize.PLUS works

A deep dive into the learning platform’s content including courses, streams, and extras—It’s a dose of daily inspiration.

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maize.PLUS, H-FARM‘s learning platform designed to help managers, professionals, and teams to develop an innovation-driven mindset, covers a wide range of topics from human-centered design to business models, from marketing to new technologies, from trends in action to societal changes.

maize.PLUS is a Cloud LMS – Learning Management System, supporting SCORM modules. Let’s deep dive into how the content is provided.



Courses are organized in small lessons with easy navigation and intuitive content. Basic courses cover the essentials of a topic. Advanced courses explore topics at a deeper level. Users see a list of recommended courses, based on their profile. However, they are free to explore and discover other content.



On maize.PLUS streams are collections of courses. Each stream is dedicated to a specific topic. It’s like a TV series: a stream is like a season, a course is like an episode. At the end of each stream, a quiz will evaluate your progress and measure your learning. Completion will result in collecting badges and a final certification.



Custom content: add what you need. Does your company need custom content? Streams can be personalized and custom courses can be created by our editorial team on demand and made available only for you.


Extras and daily inspiration for the insatiable learner. The maize.PLUS editorial team curates a collection of high-quality sources from the Web: Fresh videos, podcasts, and articles from the best available online providers to broaden your knowledge. Each Extra is summarized in a few quick, easy-to-read points, so you can learn a little bit on the fly if you don’t have much time.

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