A new urbanism
How we interact with each other, the spaces where personal life and work happen, the way we move around reality, the idea we have of “city” and “country” have always evolved. Now more than ever everything we thought would happen is turning upside down. 
Tech talks
Reality around us is constantly evolving; so is the way we engage with it. Technology has permeated all aspects of contemporary society, upending how we progress together. But what impact does it have? And where is it taking us?
Our future on earth
In the age of the Anthropocene, wars, economic downturns, inequity and poverty are nothing but exacerbated by the climate crisis. Will we manage to successfully address this human-made chaos?
New shades of business
As a more and more dynamic and distributed workforce challenges all notions of company culture and strategy, organizations need to be agile and informed to thrive.
Humans, after all
Automation is disrupting the meaning of our mental and physical skills and renewing how we view our existence. Along with unprecedented advanced tools and access to data, what is left for humans to take center stage?