maize.PLUS is a learning platform with personalized bite-sized content.
The platform is designed to help managers, professionals, and teams develop an innovation-driven mindset.

During the last 10 years, corporate training has been one of H-FARM’s core roles when supporting other companies in developing their innovation.

Because of this, we have been able to deeply understand the evolution of people’s learning habits, as well as companies’ needs and constraints.

With maize.PLUS we want to provide a new learning experience, designed based on forward-thinking, user-centered principles.

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An innovative online learning journey featuring bite-sized, personalized content, based on three main principles: Engagement, Discovery, Bring your own device.

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Corporate learning

Learning, beyond e-learning

A learning organization values human capabilities as drivers of mindful growth: but what should we train for, and how?

by Achille Zambon

Corporate learning

A brief history of corporate learning

If we want to shape the future of corporate learning, we have to know where it comes from first.

by maize


Reimagining learning

Covid-19 has created an opportunity for students of all ages to benefit from online classes. What does that mean for the future?

by Epi Ludvik

Future of work

Employee experience: people at the center

In a dynamic and unpredictable world, how does an organization find and keep talent?

by maize

Artificial Intelligence

A brief history of AI

Many of us are already using artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. But do we know the history of AI?

by maize


Optimize meetings: let’s start with the basics

We’ve all thought at least once in our lifetime: “Did we really need a meeting for that?”

by maize


From linear to circular economy

After 150 years, an economic paradigm based on “take-make-dispose” is no longer sustainable.

by maize