A strategic think tank using constant research and know-how as a tool to answer contemporary and future challenges. 

Change is an ongoing process and as history shows, it has always been part of our evolutionary progress to repeatedly present existential challenges.

Our research serve as a starting point to identify and grasp a transformative moment and turn it into a valuable opportunity.

WITHIN MARKETS, to acknowledge how to be more competitive, and be an innovator.

WITHIN ORGANIZATIONS to face collective changes that impact the organizational structure, its people, and culture.

TOWARDS HUMAN BEINGS to design solutions—and more—which better suit the needs, values, and habits of ever-changing consumers.

What we do

maize.INSIGHTS is dedicated to delivering organizations an in-depth understanding of the zeitgeist of and answers to future challenges, for them to grasp new opportunities and chart a course of meaningful growth.

How we do it

We rely on foresight and horizon scanning to feel and detect the weak signals of cultural shifts changing our environment, thus we analyze them to identify cross-industry phenomena and their impact according to your business values and needs.

Discover more.

We provide actionable insights and case studies, and suggest compelling articles and bookmarks to make informed decisions.

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A 15-minute city is better than a smart city

The ultimate urban design strategy attempting to provide residents with everything they need within 15 minutes of their homes.

by Valentina Lunardi

Insights & Phenomena

The human temple

A newfound awareness of young people’s mental health is reframing wellness, and the role brands play on the issue.

by Riccardo Trabattoni

Innovation culture

Design for people’s emerging expectations

Design, build, and launch successful experiences, products, or services is ultimately about answering one simple question.

by Valentina Lunardi

Insights & Phenomena

The fall of beauty standards

In the last few years, the beauty industry has rebooted to serve a new generation that is hungry for authenticity and empowerment.

by Ryslaine Moulay

Photo by Chuttersnap on Unsplash
Insights & Phenomena

(Human) trends

Collecting bigger/better/faster data allows businesses to uncover previously inaccessible insights about customers’ behaviors.

by Valentina Lunardi