ISSUE n.12


Fall 2021

Turning points, technically, represent the very moments when things start to change. But when do they take place? How do they happen? Where do they come from? And, most importantly, how do they redefine us? In this issue, we explore the subject from a number of perspectives, with the help of some unusual minds and their beautifully odd stories.

23,5 x 29 cm

The moments that redefine us

The cause-effect relationship between doubt, desire for change, and the resulting choice to achieve it is a complicated matter

by Matteo Scanni

Image courtesy of Andrea Zanenga
Culture & Society

Do we really always have a choice?

No matter how much we’ve retooled, reorganized, and self-medicated, it’s not easy to recover complete confidence in the future.

by Matteo Scanni

Images courtesy of Felix Schoeppner
Digital Humanities

The complexity of reality

Reality is complex, so much so that there’s an entire institution devoted to studying this issue, in all its sprawling facets. The economy, the human brain, cities, and even t...

a conversation with David Krakauer

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