ISSUE n.12


Fall 2021

Turning points, technically, represent the very moments when things start to change. But when do they take place? How do they happen? Where do they come from? And, most importantly, how do they redefine us? In this issue, we explore the subject from a number of perspectives, with the help of some unusual minds and their beautifully odd stories.

23,5 x 29 cm

The moments that redefine us

The cause-effect relationship between doubt, desire for change, and the resulting choice to achieve it is a complicated matter

by Matteo Scanni

Culture & Society

A brief history of turning points

What makes an event a turning point? Analyses, thoughts and examples from the ancient discovery of fire to the current pandemic.

by Ornella Sinigaglia


Are we always free to choose?

A conversation about free will and moral responsability with Eddy Nahmias, Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Georgia State University.  

a conversation with Eddy Nahmias

Culture & Society

The school that doesn’t exist

Where do we cultivate the independent thinking we need as adults to deal with the world? Professor Roberto Guardigli examines the theme.

by Roberto Guardigli

Illustration by 'and machines'

Simple things are the hardest

The challenge of simple things is to face rich, dynamic and complex realities. But, if they work correctly, they’ll lead to many great possibilities.

by Vittorio Di Tomaso

Photo by Georg Arthur Pflueger

A man plans and God laughs

Quite often, important moments in history and in our lives happen and we, as humans, remain full of doubts: how did things go this way? Why? Could I control it?

by Moriella Kowalski

Culture & Society

Free to migrate

Migration has had and still has a great impact on human history: it shapes countries, economies, cultures and – now more than ever – the climate.

a conversation with Telmo Pievani

Digital Humanities

The complexity of reality

Reality is complex, so much so that there’s an entire institution devoted to studying this issue, in all its sprawling facets. The economy, the human brain, cities, and even t...

a conversation with David Krakauer

Future of work

No excuses to avoid the change

The historical period we’re living in is a perfect example of a bridge between our past and the future. It’s the right time to think about ourselves and to reinve...

by Howard Tullman

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