ISSUE n. 8



Explore twelve contemporary utopias—radical visions to help navigate the collective confusion of our realities. Venture through real and imagined ideal cities, contemplate meals that rival religious experiences, and learn about a never-ending archive of the world.

23,5 x 29 cm

Paolo Cirio

Investigating social fields impacted by the internet, through art, as technology changes how we perceive the world.

by Eleonora Raspi

Former physicist, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web for high energy physics at CERN from 1989 to 1994. copyright 1994-2020 CERN
Digital ethics

The World Wide Web utopia

Humanity should be the purpose of data and machines at work, but, today, that’s not quite the case.

by Vittorio Di Tomaso

Illustration by Elisa Seitzinger
Culture & Society

The promised land is always promised

According to a rabbi, utopia is a place that can never exist, even where there is a strong belief in a higher power.

a conversation with Rabbi Irwin Kula

All images in this article are courtesy of David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Culture & Society

We need More

Thomas More’s 1516 work is considered the birth of the concept of euphoric living, but More wasn’t first to examine an ideal society.

by Riccardo Coluccini

Future of work

The century gap

Will we ever achieve gender equality in the workplace as worldwide data points to a gender gap that is like to continue into perpetuity?

by Alice Azzolini

Culture & Society

A brief history of utopia

Utopias are appealing because they give people an opportunity to withdraw from their problems and enter a world of bliss.

by Ornella Sinigaglia


Mostly plants, not too much

A philosophy about how to dine with reverence challenges us to go back to a place in time where food is sacred.

a conversation with Michael Pollan

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Death is not an option

Biomedical gerontologist, Aubrey de Grey, explains why the elixir for life may be closer than we think.

by Alice Azzolini

Culture & Society

What is Arcosanti?

The story behind a projected experimental town with a molten bronze bell casting business in central Arizona.

by Vittoria Traverso

Art & Music

A road to paradise

From an avant-garde noise album to a non-school, eight ideas to think beyond the limits of our realities.

by maize


Drill, cut, and sew

In The Rebel Surgeon, Erik Gandini tells the story of a Swedish surgeon who moves his practice to a small village in Ethiopia.

by Henry Albert

All pictures in this article are by Christopher Payne
Art & Music

On the edge of sound

Music provides an escape from the darkness of our lives, giving us the possibility to transcend time.

by Andrea Dusio

Courtesy of Tiziano Gaia
Environment & Sustainability

Flatland climbers

In the 1970s, a group of mountaineers started despising the myth of a hard and pure climber.

by Susanna Marchini

Illustration by María Medem
Entrepreneurship & Leadership

How to become an altruistic leader

When it comes to leadership, a utopian approach is not the right path to follow. What is, then?

by Isaac Getz

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A state of independence from The internet

How can we manage a World Wide Web that is inherently separate from reality, where our usual rules do not apply?

by Philip Di Salvo

Future of work

Brave new work

Aaron Dignan helps companies navigate the unchartered territory of the workplace of the future, advocating for open information.

by Francesco Salonia


Harvesting an educational utopia

H-FARM is creating an innovation hub where entrepreneurs, professionals, and students live together.

by Riccardo Donadon



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