ISSUE n.10


Fall Winter 2020

There are infinite ways to fail, and just as many to deal with it. But what is failure, really? And how can we excel at it? This issue of maize is a celebration of losers—what we call “seconds,” or “eternal lasts”—because they can be more likeable (and more successful) than winners.

23,5 x 29 cm

Bondy inside out

Uncensored perspectives about riots in Paris’ 93rd arrondissement 15 years later.

by Francesca Sironi

MINNEAPOLIS—Vehicles drive by a pawn shop, which was gutted, during the unrest following the murder of George Floyd.

One step forward, two steps back

What if we told you that you can’t win in business without failing?

a conversation with Howard Tullman

Steven Barry ‘Lips’ Kudlow, the guitarist and lead vocalist of Anvil at the Headbangers Open Air Festival 2014, Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany.
Art & Music

Big in Japan

The disastrously epic story of Anvil

by Andrea Dusio

Drawings by Bastardilla, Ericailcane, and Hitnes, Written by Marco Tobón, artwork and book design by Marco Molinelli. The book is published by Libreria Modoinfoshop Bologna, galleria D406 Modena and La Fulmine Cabras with artwork and design by Marco Molinelli. The book is on sale at Libreria Modoinfoshop in
Bologna. The works collected in Fin qui ve la posso raccontare were presented to the public at the Open Laboratory in Modena during the 2020 edition of DIG Festival, focusing on quality video and audio journalism. The exhibition was curated by Andrea Losavio, director of galleria D406, and the creative consultant Cinzia Ascari.
Environment & Sustainability

Hasta ahí les puedo decir

by maize

Culture & Society

Here to stay, here to play

What does a nursery school, an NGO, and anti-facism have to do with football?

by Tino Mantarro

Culture & Society

How to succeed doing nothing

Michi Panero grew up in a literary family, but the Spaniard never published a word.

by Guido De Franceschi

Culture & Society

When writing is a pain

The urge to say something which has never been said before.

by Alessandro Zaccuri

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Staying alive

In Antarctica the possibility of failing is not just a bitter feeling, it is a matter of life and death.

by Susanna Marchini


Long Live the Huckleberry Party

A world without losers did exist and not that long ago.

a conversation with Scott Sandage

Art & Music

The vanquished who wrote history

Celebrating the beauty of catastrophe through poetic lyrics.  

by Alessandro Portelli

Art & Music

Top of the flops

The Museum of Failure, a collection of commercial mistakes.

by maize

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Malabrocca, the champion who finished last

On a quest to earn the award for not winning.

by Gino Cervi

Art & Music

Top of the flops

The Museum of Failure, a collection of commercial mistakes.

by maize



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