ISSUE n. 9


Summer 2020

In this exceptionally uncertain and challenging moment in history, we are more than ever urged, if not compelled at all, to change: We have to prove to ourselves, and to the planet on which we live, that we can evolve—at the right time, and in the right direction. But what is evolution? How did we get here, and how do we get from here?

23,5 x 29 cm

Harvesting misunderstanding

Every misunderstanding implies there is also an understanding. But what if understanding is only an illusion?

a conversation with Franco La Cecla

Culture & Society

It all happened overnight

Covid-19 has turned the agenda of our priorities upside down, showing us a new path that not all of us would like to follow.

by Matteo Scanni

Missing Link is a
photographic project
about curiosity,
inquisitiveness, and the
quest for answers. It is
about the determination
to dig deeper and uncover
layer by layer. The
centerpiece of this body
of work is the “primal
bird“ Archaeopteryx,
the initially missing
evolutionary connecting
link between dinosaurs
and birds. Simon Sola
Holischka used multiimaging
like stitching and focus
stacking, to photograph
its fossil remnants with
the accuracy and detail
of several hundred
photographs per image.
The artistic process
itself is determined
by deconstruction and
reconstruction. Missing
Link is an obsessive
search for the point
where the separate
is connected. In a
fragmented world, with
a fragmented mind, we
see fossils of an extinct
creature from a petrified
past that will never
be again. Yet, there is
evolution, there are
feathers, there is flight.

Beyond palaeoanthropology

Investigating our evolution and possible destiny as cyborgs through anthropology, paleontology, and neuroscience.

a conversation with Claudio Tuniz

Illustration by Giordano Poloni
Culture & Society

Living lexicons

How can we reconcile the various ways in which we communicate, while preserving the integrity of words and understanding each other?

by Guido De Franceschi

Digital transformation

Designing knowledge

Behind Harvard University’s metaLAB—a ‘digital humanities’ idea foundry, knowledge-design lab, and production studio.

a conversation with Jeffrey Schnapp


Digital contagion

Computer and biological viruses behave similarly: they hit where it hurts the most.

a conversation with Salvatore Vitale

Culture & Society

Cinematic mutation

No other art form has developed technically as much as cinema. But this transformation is also about our universal quest for meaning.

by Armando Trivellini

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Pandemic prism

Covid-19 has infiltrated our lives, politics, and thoughts. Here’s a view of it through philosophy, history, and literature.

by Laura Silvia Battaglia


Dietary Darwinism

Today, as humans can put nearly anything on their plates with minimal effort, food has taken on a life of its own.

a conversation with Jonathan Silvertown

Organizational models

Fahrenheit 451

In order to be prepared for the unexpected, people and organizations have to rely on the ability to react swiftly and adapt to change.

by Tomas Barazza

Environment & Sustainability

A different kind of survival of the fittest

The Galápagos archipelago, like many other unique places across the globe, has to contend with more people’s curiosities. 

by Vittoria Traverso

Illustrations by Marta Signori

Alternative progress

Darwin is lauded as the father of evolution, but these thinkers show us different options.

by Paolo Frosina

Culture & Society

A brief history of evolution

The theory of evolution created a solid foundation to answer one of the greatest questions of all time: where do we come from?

by Ornella Sinigaglia

Photography by Fabrizio Bilello
Culture & Society

Nothing is real

Three perspectives highlighting alternative thoughts and ways of life, which put our reality in question.

by Liz Shemaria

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Newspapers aren’t extinct

Print media needs to settle into a new role, changing its clothes accordingly.

by Francesco Franchi

Culture & Society

Literary catharsis

What can one of the most widely read works of the 1900s teach us about living and surviving amidst a global pandemic? 

a conversation with Yasmina Mélaouah

Art & Music

Musical wallpaper

As we become drenched in a deluge of information, we may be losing our ability to appreciate the nuances of epic music.

a conversation with Carlo Boccadoro

Culture & Society

Not your usual toy story

Only a handful of product stories are as interesting as the one behind the Tamagotchi.

by maize



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