ISSUE n.11


Spring 2020

Do we really have the chance to consciously choose in front of dilemmas? This issue of maize explores the topic of doubt, from the apathy and aboulomania that has struck CEOs’ business decisions, to the moral, philosophical and scientific dilemmas that we are facing in this moment of pandemic.

23,5 x 29 cm

Strategic decision-making in times of confusion

When owners and managers are in a hurry they tend to grab the nearest solution. Bad idea. Always try to look further, wider and deeper.

by Howard Tullman

Culture & Society

A brief history of doubt

Living in a culture held together by a shared dedication to inquiry.

by Ornella Sinigaglia

Moses Hacmon, Faces of Water. Courtesy of Moses Hacmon

Consider the water

Biblical episodes often occurred when water was around. An element capable of nourishing but also of destroying.

by Alessandro Zaccuri

Courtesy of André Ducci
Culture & Society

Free to play

What happens when a woman is the best on the playing field? Three stories teach us that merit always goes beyond gender.

by Tino Mantarro

Art & Music

Can cyber art show the unseen inside us?

The artworks by Heather Dewey-Hagborg often lack legal precedent, because the use of personal data in the age of surveillance does too

a conversation with Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Culture & Society

Decision making: the thrill of a fork in the road

One often gets a strange impression that the most critical decisions decide themselves.

by Rita Italiano

Artificial Intelligence

How does AI measure uncertainty?

Computer science aims at cracking complicated mechanisms beyond doubt. But does it make sense to always reduce uncertainty?

by Francesca Alloatti

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Can we get rid of fake news?

With the right treatment, the mind of a conspiracist can be cured.

by Mick West


Will religion ever become obsolete?

Don Luca Peyron, a former lawyer, was appointed by the Vatican to establish a new positioning for the Catholic Church on the web

a conversation with Don Luca Peyron


Call of the outer wild

Whereas for the time being deep space is inaccessible, some people believe that aliens are out there waiting for us.

by Andrea Dusio


Preserve or demolish?

Technology has made us obsessed with the fear of letting things go, but also more reflective about what we should keep, and why.

by Guido De Franceschi

Photos by Dániel Szalai

How can philosophy help us in this time of crisis?

The sense of paralysis that strangles us stems from the impossibility of deciding in certain situations. But decision is not the only way to be effective.

by Federico Leoni

Digital ethics

The great WWW swindle

The way the internet has evolved over the years does not exactly reflect its roots.

a conversation with Christian Fuchs

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