In this issue of maize: “On Target. Healthcare in the age of precision medicine”, by CEO of Global Gene Corp,  Sumit Jamuar, “Dinner is printed: the cuisine of tomorrow”, by CEO and Founder of Moodbytes, Marcio Barradas, and “This must be the place, by Ph.D.​ Researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Elena Malakhatka.


All that glitters is not gold

Finding the Human Factor in R+

by Guido Polcan

3D printing

Dinner is printed

From overpopulation to waste of resources, the food supply chain is facing many issues. And 3D printing might be the solution.

by Marcio Barradas

Big data

This must be the place

The buildings of the future will be quite similar to those we know now, yet very different. All with the help of Big Data.

by Elena Malakhatka

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