maize.INSIGHTS: What we do

Tools for organizations to become future-ready, including cross-industry perspectives on human behaviors, markets, and technologies.

by maize

maize.INSIGHTS is a strategic think tank, consisting of a multidisciplinary team, with the research and know-how to answer contemporary and future challenges.

We provide organizations that are willing to be future-ready with unique cross-industry perspectives on fast-changing human behaviors, markets, and technologies.

Our think tank leverages future design to equip organizations with the cultural understanding needed to read, deal with, and master future scenarios and their ever-changing nature.

We therefore convey our research and analysis through:


We provide you with an array of insightful content, with an editorial cut, on main phenomena and trends that are shaping global markets, redrawing organizations, and defining major cultural shifts. Our experts’ speeches and reports are a boost for your organization to grasp new opportunities and address future challenges from a fresh and unique perspective.

Strategic activation

We exploit our multidisciplinarity to give you strategic cultural decoding that serves as your growth driver. We give you access to insights that allow understanding of modern consumers, with a keen analysis of their ever-changing needs, values, and habits

Through co-design moments—and with the right tools—we help you to harness those insights, blend it with your knowledge and needs, and build tailored innovation charts.

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