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Moonshots for Europe

Harald Neidhardt, CEO and Curator of Futur/io Institute discusses how Europe can think bigger in innovation.

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Knowledge is a virus

Paolo Balboni, professor of applied linguistics at the University of Ca' Foscari Venice, discusses how different countries understand knowledge and learning. How do models and non-verbal codes transform information into corporate knowledge?

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Precision is Everything

How genomics is central to a new form of medicine that will redefine the meaning and capabilities of personalized healthcare.

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Voice Speaks Up

Voice, the most common interface that mankind has ever developed, is about to undergo a renaissance, and the reasons why are as natural as the technology that is driving it.

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Making Jobs Human

The rise of purpose-driven business marks a shift in how we think about work.

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Nurturing Neurodiversity

Rahmyn Kress talks neurodiversity and the importance of individuals in privileged positions to drive this agenda to the point of normality.

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Dissociate & Collaborate

Friederike Korte describes what she means by a desirable future: one based on relationship building and subverting the status quo.

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Being in the Present in Order to Protect the Future

Dr. Tia Kansara talks us through the potential paths humanity may take moving forward, and how a strong education will lead to informed consent in deciding which we should journey down.


Opening Pandora`s Box

Kings College Professor Mischa Dohler explains how we are opening the Artificial Intelligence "black box". Why this is important, and how this will affect our lives in the future.

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Healthcare and AI Should be a Force for Public Good

Bart de Witte, Chair Faculty of Digital Health at future/io Institute and Faculty member of University of Applied Science Zürich and Burgenland, sits down and explain how Artificial Intelligence can redraw the healthcare landscape.

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Nothing to Fear: No Growth, AI and Education

Dov Frohman, former vice president of Intel Corporation and inventor of the erasable programmable read-only memory, sits down and explain the implications of Artificial Intelligence and how this disruptive technology will transform employment and education.

Who we are

This is maize

Explored through the eyes of entrepreneurial, tech and academically orientated minds, maize is a magazine which explores the most complex elements of technology and creates a conscious awareness of how it intersects with humanity.

An argument for regulation

The Dangers of a 'Winner Take All' Economy

Founder of TheMarker and economic commentator, Eytan Avriel warns of the dangers of a 'Winner Take All' Economy.

Significant Minority Report

Predicting Crime with Technology

We as human beings are engineered to predict risk. When we shake hands with a stranger, we are evolutionarily programmed to detect on their fingers traces for attraction or fear. Director of JVP Venture Capital discusses the ever-growing power of "Predictive Policing" and how technology is surpassing our own human predictive capabilities.


Blockchain, Burning Man And The Future Of Governance: A Conversation With John Clippinger

Theorist and entrepreneur, John Clippinger, discusses open sector phenomena and how it presents new opportunities and threats for traditional organizations, as well as for transforming governance.

Closer to Proximity

How supply chains are changing

Robert Walcott, Clinical Professor at Kellogg School of Management, sits down and explains what he calls "Proximity" and how supply chains are undergoing a momentous change in some parts of the world.


Hackers, Empathy And Neuroscience: A Conversation With Moran Cerf

How does one become a hacker, neuroscientist, pilot, radio host and storyteller? “A random sequence of events with no planning, that you try to weave into a story in hindsight.” Neuroscientist and Kellogg School of Management Marketing professor Moran Cerf describe his life’s path.

Securing the unsecure

Battle stations: businesses, governments and cyberwarfare

"If you're a hacker you only have to succeed one time if you're security you have to succeed every time." Menny Barzilay, Founder and CEO of FortyTwo, sits down and lays out the impending dangers that billions of affordable, mass-produced IoT devices will bring to the world of security, and how it is impossible for countries today to continue with the idea that physical borders can protect them from the warfare of the modern world.


Laziness, Technology And Brain Scanning A Billion People: A Conversation With David Krakauer

David Krakauer, evolutionary geneticist, complexity theorist and CEO of the Santa Fe Institute (SFI), takes the long view - sharing his perspective on brain scanning a billion people, the ethical issues posed by technology, and how ideas change us as a species.

The Data Doesn't Lie

How will Artificial Intelligence improve Healthcare?

Sridhar Iyengar sits down and explains the implications of advancements in machine learning across both the cybersecurity and health industries, how artificial intelligence will augment our capabilities and how human intuition will always have a crucial role in the successes and failures of technology.