Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Long story short

What is Advanced Fission?

Advanced Fission is an array of new research and experimentation, mostly developed over the last two decades, which was meant to achieve an outstanding goal: that of producing plenty of cheap and clean energy to cut dependence on oil and gas. It is not a dream: it is the only way to avert climate change.

Food industry

Unchaining the supply chain

Contributing up to 29% of global emissions, the food industry is one of the most polluting. Given the continuous population increase, this number can only increase in the coming years. How can it balance growth with sustainability?


Think Micro to Change Macro

The 24th UN Climate Talks, held in Katowice, left behind the similar mixture of delusion and frustration already felt prior to them. We are now running towards a climate cliff edge even though many technologies we have today could mitigate this march.

The Conversation

Being in the Present in Order to Protect the Future

Dr. Tia Kansara talks us through the potential paths humanity may take moving forward, and how a strong education will lead to informed consent in deciding which we should journey down.

Resilient is the New Green

Project Slingshot

An Interview with Marc Buckley, Author of Earth's Vision, It's Time for Sustainable Food Reform.