Manufacturing, healthcare, education – Robotics is continuously revolutionising how our industries work. What will our world look like when it is run by the automaton?

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Video games that transport us into states of flow

How to open a time portal

When a video game world gets hold of a player's attention, the player loses track of time, and with enough practice, can even move automatically. This is how seemingly impossible temporal mechanics warp our realities.

Sex in the digital era

How to turn your body into a device

It’s clear that technology is widening our range of possibilities for sexual experiences, but how is this going to change how we interact with others, and even, love them?

Long Story Short

What is Boston Dynamics?

The robotic dogs from the “Metalhead” episode of Black Mirror aired in 2017 are not entirely the fruit of the imagination of its screenwriters: very similar four-legged robots are actually one of the most cutting-edge products of Boston Dynamics, a company which is making your most terrifying robotic nightmares come true.

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What is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is a loosely defined movement that has developed gradually over the past three decades. It is centred around the belief that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

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What is Smart Dust?

Smart Dust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, chemicals and other stimuli.

Into the Unknown


What lies ahead? Exploring the idea that the mediator between head and hands must be the heart if humanity is to thrive in the coming age of the automaton. "But where there is danger, there also grows what saves" – Friedrich Hölderlin

Viva Education!

Preparing for the fourth industrial revolution

Revolutions are never well mannered. They don’t knock on the door, they break it down. The Fourth Industrial Revolution won’t be any different.

From Parrots to Personalities: Affective Computing Today.

The Human Side of Robots

Can robots be human? Not so long ago, this question would have seemed redundant. Today however the answer may be a little more problematic, as scientists, programmers and researchers have been working hard to develop machines which possess distinctively human features, both physically and psychologically, thus bringing us deeper into the “uncanny valley”.