How retail will retaliate to an digitized world is an ongoing question and the changes the transformation of retail space will bring to our cities and behaviours is yet to be seen.

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How is artificial intelligence changing the retail landscape?

Envisioning more intelligent crowds

By integrating AI with existing security cameras, retailers, and other businesses, are finding solutions to keep customers safe in the Covid-19 world.

Startup Story

Tooso: Making E-Commerce Search Great Again

A conversation with Ciro Greco and Mattia Pavoni, Founders of the startup Tooso, on how when it comes to online business you should really, really care about semantics.

Long Story Short

What is Mobile-First Customer Engagement?

Mobile-First Customer Engagement is the key to attracting today’s omnichannel shoppers.

Start Up Stories

How Depop Is Changing the Retail Game

Simon Beckerman is the founder of Depop, a community mobile marketplace where the world's creatives come to buy, sell and discover the most inspiring and unique things.

The Power of One

Amazon: From Everything Store to Everything Business

Amazon is overflowing. The company, not the river that is. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon began as an online bookshop and has evolved into the world’s number one virtual bazaar. Today, it is has manifested into something even more and, with no real rivals or competitors in the market, Amazon continues its quest for world domination.

A Retail for the Ages

How Jack Ma Is Changing the Chinese Retail Game

Many people speculate about the future, but only a few have more than an inkling of an idea of what it is going to look like. Even less are those who are shaping it. Alibaba founder Jack Ma, however, is indeed sculpting the world of tomorrow and is better equipped to know what the future has in store than most. More importantly, this is a man who knows what is going to happen in-store.


Tips from the e-commerce giant Zalando

We sit down and speak to Zalando's Managing Director of Lisbon Marc Lamik to hear some advice on the state of e-commerce today.


Big data and Amazon's Trojan Horse

We sit down with the head of MIT Media Lab Barak Berkowitz, former CEO of Evi – the creators of the intelligence behind Alexa – to talk about Amazon's competitors and what Alexa means in an economy dominated by the few.


How technology can be a honeypot for retailers

The dichotomy between digital and physical is diminishing, and traditional brick and mortar retailers need to adapt logically in order to capitalize on this change.


The process of progress

In this month’s Pioneer Podcast, we speak to entrepreneur and co-founder of Shupperz, Tal Rubinstein, on how her idea came about, the obstacles she faced and what investors look for in a startup.


A tale of space and time – and running out of both

The wheels of retail are turning and the industry is witnessing unprecedented change across all continents, spaces and industries. Understanding why these changes are happening, and their underlying meanings, is crucial in bearing the force of change that is sweeping retail right now.