Organizations today stand atop of shifting sands. In order to survive this terrain unexplored, it is essential to reinvent, reimagine and reinvigorate your work models continuously.

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What is modern leadership?

How to become an altruistic leader

When it comes to leadership, Isaac Getz, professor at ESCP Business School thinks that a utopian approach is not the right path to follow


Purposeful transformation

CONFIDENCE // Julia von Winterfeldt is a human leadership advocate and the founder and CEO of SOULWORX. Julia shares reflections on our own sense of purpose and how we can relate to and serve others during this crisis.

What are the benefits of a project-based organization?

Expiring decisions

What does an organization look like where there is an expiration date set for everything? An enterprise that follows these approaches is not simple or suited for everyone, but it might just be the workplace of the future.

Why corporations are teaching their employees to be kids again

The educational chasm

What does it mean when the skills we seek today in our preparation for tomorrow are the same as the ones we all held yesterday? Put succinctly – this is what we call the educational chasm.

Learning, De-class-ified


How a declassified manual from 1944 unveils the secrets of abysmal leadership.

The Conversation

The Digital Transformation Isn't Always Digital

The digital transformation is not simply about technology, it is about transforming the DNA of a company, shifting their culture to one that is more collaborative and open in nature.

Putting the Human back into Human Resources

Employees Are Not Assets

How can Human Resources continue to justify its name when it is repeatedly characterized by figures, statistics, and testing? In short, it can’t, but there is another way.

The Conversation

Making Jobs Human

The rise of purpose-driven business marks a shift in how we think about work.

Slash and Burn

Self-Disruption as Innovation

With almost twenty year's experience at Adobe, Sebastian Shaw has witnessed first hand how companies must sometimes reinvent themselves in order to survice.

The Conversation

Nurturing Neurodiversity

Rahmyn Kress talks neurodiversity and the importance of individuals in privileged positions to drive this agenda to the point of normality.

True Leaders are Redundant

Théorie de la liberté

An American diplomat meets a French diplomat and says. “We have invented a new approach, it’s incredible, and it works in practice.” The French diplomat replies, “That’s great, but does it work in theory?”

Wake Up and Smell the Innovation

Flower Power: Finding Innovation in Nature

Professor Stefano Mancuso on why humans may not be as innovative as we once thought.


Leaders: A Survival Guide

Unpacking the myth of the "Great Man".

Relive maize.LIVE

12 Takeaways from Future Companies & Innovative Organizations

The second in our maize.LIVE series looks at what lies ahead in the world of future companies and innovative organizations.


A Brief History of Organizations

A tongue-in-cheek look at how organizations became what they are today. Part of the first day our second maize.LIVE event: Future Companies & Innovative Organizations

Human Innovation Culture

Slaying the Organizational Monster

How simple is it to redesign an organisation from scratch and challenge traditional structures and the status quo, giving employees the ability and legitimacy to redefine the boundaries and culture in which they operate? H-FARM's Human Innovation Culture is a case study on how this works.