The next step in an already connected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) will permeate our lives more than any technology before it, bringing us closer together in a more streamlined society.

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Long Story Short

What is Smart Dust?

Smart Dust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, chemicals and other stimuli.


Opening Pandora`s Box

Kings College Professor Mischa Dohler explains how we are opening the Artificial Intelligence "black box". Why this is important, and how this will affect our lives in the future.

What Businesses Should Know

The Advanced Manufacturing Challenge

Some call it Advanced Manufacturing, others prefer Smart Manufacturing or even Industry 4.0. The ways we refer to the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the manufacturing sector are as abundant as the technological drivers which drive it.

From 5G to the Internet of Things

4 Ways Telecoms Will Change Tomorrow

It should come as no surprise to anyone who owns a phone with an Internet connection, but the Telco industry is among the sectors that have been shaken by the digital revolution from the ground up.

Long Story Short

What is BIoT?

Blockchain Internet of Things (BIoT) is a viable answer to the ongoing security concerns faced by IoT.

Revolutionizing access to brain healthcare

Bringing Neuroscience to the Masses

Just fifteen years ago, it was hard to picture the concrete and immediate impact neuroscience would have on people’s lives beyond medical applications.

A Glance at the Opportunities

IOTA in the New Mobility

IOTA is a Distributed Ledger Technology that delivers many of the same benefits associated with blockchain technologies, such as a shared identity and network-based trust. It creates an immutable ledger of data that is stored across a distributed network. It enables peer-to-peer asset transfer and monetary exchange without central intermediaries.

Closer to Proximity

How supply chains are changing

Robert Walcott, Clinical Professor at Kellogg School of Management, sits down and explains what he calls "Proximity" and how supply chains are undergoing a momentous change in some parts of the world.

New Opportunities and Challenges

The rise of "Data-First" companies

Data-intensive industries, like ones involving Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Synthetic Biology, are all getting the spotlight in recent years for their game-changing impact on our lives. While these technologies have been evolving for decades, the rapid uptake and impact in recent years has left many industries lacking the ability to integrate and leverage data tools to stay relevant.


What is Li-Fi?

Li-Fi is a new form of data transmission that travels across the visible light spectrum. It is faster, safer and has zero levels of electromagnetic interference – meaning it can be used in places it is unsafe to use Wi-Fi.

The Data Doesn't Lie

How will Artificial Intelligence improve Healthcare?

Sridhar Iyengar sits down and explains the implications of advancements in machine learning across both the cybersecurity and health industries, how artificial intelligence will augment our capabilities and how human intuition will always have a crucial role in the successes and failures of technology.