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The true meaning of corporate responsibility

Green new corps

A responsible business grows thanks to corporate activism, not despite it. Meaning there is a way to make ‘corporations’ and ‘sustainability’ rhyme — but you need a strong will, and a drastic change in the way growth is measured.

reshaping the narrative

Strategic Innovation

Individual ignorance creates collective failure: a statement that applies to different fields, from business to climate change.

Long Story Short

What Are Microplastics?

Microplastics have rapidly become an issue of concern for both human and non-human's health. But what are they exactly?

Tackling climate change

Two Minutes to Midnight

The methane once trapped into the tundra ice is evaporating. New York City, Jakarta and Venice are struggling against the sinking. Rainfalls, flooding and hurricanes are hitting the most vulnerable regions of the planet. Without a global political action, there is very little we can do to avoid an ecological catastrophe.