Transporting a business's culture, organization and methodologies from the analogue world into the digital one is a step every business must now take.

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Meet one of the oldest sites on the internet

The rabid reviewer

Piero Scaruffi has attempted to archive the world, sharing his views and insights about everything from the history of Rock and Roll to Sri Lankan politics.

What lessons can we learn from debunking 5G health risks?

The life and death of conspiracy theories

Consumers have the right to be worried about new technologies, and experts have an obligation to disperse these fears.

Is analog writing dead?

The end of handwriting

As we have moved into the digital age, we have also moved away from everything analog, including handwriting. Could the death of handwriting catapult future generations into another Middle Ages?

The Conversation

The Digital Transformation Isn't Always Digital

The digital transformation is not simply about technology, it is about transforming the DNA of a company, shifting their culture to one that is more collaborative and open in nature.

Transforming Transportation

All Well And Goods

Technology has been relentless in disrupting companies, business models and jobs. Although this is true for many industries, it has not been too apparent in the more conservative goods transportation industry. But even here, the arrival of hi-tech innovations is slowly changing the field, one delivery at a time.

The Long Read

What do Walmart, Amadeus and the NYT Have in Common?

Disruption, a word on the verge of becoming as overused as digitization. We have come to a point where it is almost impossible for any business person to have a debate without these words entering the conversation.

Insuring the Future

A Guide to Life Insurance For Millennials

How do you convince the first generation to be more overweight than their parents that one day they might die?

Pioneer Podcast

The Beautiful Basics: Business & Digital Transformation

We speak to Rahmyn Kress, Chief Digital Officer and Chairman of the Digital Executive Committee at Henkel and founder of Henkelx – a platform to accelerate Henkel’s entrepreneurial and digital transformation – to discuss what companies need to do to stay relevant in today's ever-changing world and what he defines as 'The Beautiful Basics'.

Luminous Beings Are We, Not This Crude Matter.


When working with corporates and discussing innovation, two distinct attitudes emerge when addressing potential future scenarios. Although different, what these two approaches lead to is the overarching understanding that putting the human factor first – will definitely become a differentiator in capitalizing on new forms of innovation for the future.

The Uncharted Territory of the Digital Space

How to Prepare For Jobs That Don’t Yet Exist

The BBC uses a statistic that 65% of future jobs have yet to be invented. Think about it? UX designer, social media manager, Uber driver, drone operator - these are just a small handful of prominent roles in today’s market that were practically uncharted a decade ago. Technology is disrupting the world of business, which in turn is having a profound and immediate impact on employment. And the question that follows: ‘how do we prepare for the unknown?’ – is inevitable.

Growing...Growing... Gone

Exponential R-evolution

It may seem that we are at the tail-end of the mobile revolution, that everyone, everywhere is online and any growth that was to be had by this technology would have slowed long ago. This is, however, a very Western-centric view. What is actually happening in places such as Southeast Asia, India, and China, is that smartphone penetration is still much lower than in the industrialized world. Not only that, in many areas of the developing world, we see almost no smartphone penetration whatsoever.


The Old Versus The New

In this episode of the Pioneer podcast, we speak Maks Giordano. Maks Giordano has over twenty years dealing in the digital world as a Creative Strategist and today speaks about the medley of lessons big corporations can take from the more agile startup world.

A third way

The dangers of a Winner Take All economy

As with any other economic system, capitalism is capable of creating market failures. With no defined rules, crooked politicians and businessmen can often lead to companies that by definition are very similar to large-scale criminal organizations. This is one of the worst examples, but it is a very human-centric one. In the future the greatest potential to generate even bigger market failures will come from technology.


A tale of space and time – and running out of both

The wheels of retail are turning and the industry is witnessing unprecedented change across all continents, spaces and industries. Understanding why these changes are happening, and their underlying meanings, is crucial in bearing the force of change that is sweeping retail right now.