Digital Ethics

The ethical challenges posed by digital innovation. Digital ethics deeply affects the development of technology, science, politics, law, business, and, ultimately, every aspect of society.

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What is the cost of digital consumption?

Our digital lives could become a pollution nightmare

In the digital sphere, waste products are not poured directly into the environment around us but end up collected and stored in giant server towns run by a few large companies.

The Skeptical Enthusiast

AI and self-driving cars

The guarantee of safety in autonomous driving points to some challenges with the evolution of AI technology. Can we guarantee safety using a data-driven approach? How much data would we need? Do we have the time to collect and validate it?



A smart list of startups, literature and more.

The Skeptic Enthusiast

Data Whining

Can we truly understand machines if they are built on falsehoods and fallacies? Questioning the impact of biased data in image recognition.

Exploring the Unexplored

Digital Ethics To Shape Post AI Societies

Digital technologies have created a wave of transformation that has been over half a century in the making. This incredible shift has brought about new ethical problems and exacerbated existing ones. If we are to continue to capitalize on the wonders of technology and not be consumed by it, we must have a serious conversation about the crucial role of digital ethics in our future.